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Sandra Salsbury
I was going to type an entry, but a song from Moulin Rouge just started playing on my computer, and my mind was suddenly whisked away to Ewan-World.  Mmmm.. it's a nice place to be.  Ahhh.. I was having trouble thinking of an idea for a comic, but I think I'll just draw my twisted sexual fantasies about him.  No wait, it has to be pg-13.  Damn!  No! shut up Nicole Kidman!  We don't want to hear you sing!  COME BACK EWAN!!!! COME BACK TO MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!  Whoa.. I'm nuts! Woo hoo!  

Anyway, I need to think of an idea for an 8 page comic.  And it has to be a good idea.  I need to win the respect and adoration of other BAAU members, otherwise they'll never accept me when I kill Jacob and take over his comic.  Nevermind that I can't draw as well as he can!  THAT'S NOT THE POINT!  I'm going to eat Wen's brain and absorb his talent.  HA! That will show them!  I'll have Wen's talent and Jacob's comic... and I suppose I could eat jacob's brain too.  It  would be a shame to let his talet go to waste as well.  But I haven't seen Jacob draw any yaoi yet, therefore, I cannot accuratly asses his level of talent beyond "way better then me."  THEN I'll have their respect and adoration! hooray!  AND WHERE THE HELL DID NICK GO?! he was talking to me!  Damn him!  And now I miss James. ;_; COME BACK TO ME, MUFFIN!!!!  I MISS MUFFIN! WAHHHHH!!!  oooo... me  cuh-RAY-zeh today!


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