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I was going to type an entry, but a song from Moulin Rouge just started playing on my computer, and my mind was suddenly whisked away to Ewan-World.  Mmmm.. it's a nice place to be.  Ahhh.. I was having trouble thinking of an idea for a comic, but I think I'll just draw my twisted sexual fantasies about him.  No wait, it has to be pg-13.  Damn!  No! shut up Nicole Kidman!  We don't want to hear you sing!  COME BACK EWAN!!!! COME BACK TO MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!  Whoa.. I'm nuts! Woo hoo! Anyway, I need to think of an idea for an 8 page comic.  And it has to be a good idea.  I need to win the respect and adoration of other BAAU members, otherwise they
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mmm... summer

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hooray! summer vacation!  I mock those on the quarter system.  And they throw rocks at me.  And I run.  Now I can concentrate on my own art, which is super.  Except that now I'm sick of illustration and I want to do photography instead.  Oh my god, it's so much easier!  (photographers, don't hate me for saying that)  you just press a button and you have a picture!  You don't have to frisk or anything!  Sheryl Crow is a music teacher?  what the hell?  yeah right.  whoa, off topic.  Mr. television seems to have asimilated my mind.  Which explains why I can't spell asimilated...
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Stuff sucks?

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I'm tired... and sick of art school.  And I think everyone hates my art.  But I think I'm being paranoid.  Very very paranoid.  And now I'm more interesting in photography then drawing.  But that will last only about a month, I bet.  Now I need to eat.  And then sleep.  And maybe shower in between.
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what a studio?!
very good artist!

excelent gallery!
wonderfull gallery!!!

well what can i say from your coment, you were wrong, i took the critique very well and while i was reading, i start gagling around because comparing my mistakes with correct afirmation you did i could stop the laugh thanks a lot. i will do some research about japanese culture.


i would like you to coment my works, even if you don't like it, i acept everything in the good way because every critique are positive for my evolution, bye!