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Thank you very much for such a great honor of my paintings :)

22 modern masterpiece oil

" European artists began to use oil paint in the XV century, and ever since it was created with the help of the most famous paintings of all time. But in the days of our high-tech oil still retains the charm and mystery as artists continue to invent new technology, tearing apart templates and pushing the boundaries of CONTEMPORARY art.

Website I have chosen works that delighted us and was forced to recall that fine can be produced in any era.

The winner of the incredible skill of the Polish artist Justin digging (Justyna Kopania) in their expressive work sweeping able to maintain the transparency of the fog, the ease of sail, gentle rocking of the ship on the waves.

Her paintings are striking in their depth, volume, saturation, and texture is such that from them it is impossible to look away..."


"Обладательница невероятного навыка польская художница Юстина Копанья (Justyna Kopania) в своих экспрессивных размашистых работах смогла сохранить прозрачность тумана, легкость паруса, плавное покачивание корабля на волнах.
Ее картины поражают своей глубиной, объемом, насыщенностью, а текстура такова, что от них невозможно оторвать взгляд.
Источник:… ©"

" Reveals Top 10 Art for Fall 2015, the popular online and mobile gallery of hand painted wall art, published its annual Top 10 list of most desired oil paintings for the fall season today. The list consists of the most sought after (and for the first time culturally relevant) artworks for the upcoming season..."



"Desideravo intervistare Justyna Kopania già da qualche mese; seguivo la sua pagina, le sue pubblicazioni e un giorno ho provato a contattarla. Per mesi non ho ricevuto risposta. Un giorno le ho scritto un solo puntino in privato questa volta sul suo profilo Facebook. Passano poche ore e ricevo una risposta. Le scrivo quindi che vorrei intervistarla per la rivista Il Pickwick e le chiedo se posso porle alcune domande. Lei accetta con generosità e scrive, scrive e quasi mi travolge con questa volontà che sembra bucare la rete, con questa potenza che si manifesta non solo nelle sue opere ma nel suo modo di essere. E mentre leggo le sue risposte e tento di dar loro la stessa forza con cui le metabolizzo, mi sento come chi sta intervistando un'artista che resterà nella storia e sorrido della fortuna e della gioia che scrivere questo articolo mi procura. Di seguito l'intervista in italiano e in inglese."

Storm by StudioUndertheMoon

Sea by StudioUndertheMoon…

Paintings 2000-2004
Paintings inspired by theater, opera, music ...…

Oil painting 2007-2014…

Paintings 2006-2014…

Film with a series of oil paintings "Sea ", " The Land of Reminiscences " and " Nostalgy "…

Film with a series of oil paintings of "Carmen" in 2004…

These paintings are theatrical, exaggerated to show emotions, feelings, thoughts ... this is the "art for art". "Carmen" is the first paintings that I painted. My "Carmen" I painted G.Bizet while listening to opera "Carmen", music from the film by Carlos Saura's "Carmen" and while listening to tangos by Astor Piazzolla, so the music for this movie is Tango by Astor Piazzolla.The main inspiration for me is a man - a very broad sense. And it is "The Man" - is the main theme of my paintings. Both the interior of Human... His psyche belief as well - the look face... - The word -everything that can happen to both the inside out how soul, body...10 years ago created my "Carmen" this is something completely different, clear, simple also difficult - necessitating "viewers" to reflect on the meaning of life, where the man seeks what is..., what it feels .... These are the paintings big, the largest has dimensions 200 cm x 150 cm... Series of oil paintings "Carmen" was inspired by G. Bizet opera "Carmen" and the film of Carlos Saura's "Carmen".To my "Carmen" wrote a script (also writing.) - The whole is a kind of "spectacle" - painting combined with prose and poetry.

Film with a series of oil paintings of "Carmen" II  in 2004…

Oil paintings inspired by the music of Frederic Chopin…;

The collection of oil paintings “Inspirations”…

The collection of marine paintings “The Land of Reminiscences”…

Series of oil paintings, "Variations"…

“Colours of Life” - The collection of oil paintings “Carmen”, “Inspirations”, “Masks”, “The Land of Reminiscences”, "Variations"…

"The time" Series of oil paintings…

Series of paintings 2001-2014…

:) by StudioUndertheMoon

"Top Ten Contemporary Artist for 2014 Released by Artist Become
Artist Become releases its Top 10 Contemporary Artist List to showcase which artists and their respective styles were the hippest and most desirable on the Market in 2014.

Written by Shannon Yrizarry on December 16, 2014

The online art gallery, Artist Become ( has just released it’s Top 10 Contemporary Artists List for 2014. Leading the pack for the second year straight is Polish artist, Justyna Kopania with Belgium artist Pol Ledent holding second place two years in a row as well. Artist Become is an online artist community that showcases original art of both established and emerging artists around the world...

...Kopania is one of the 2500 artists showcasing their art on Artist Become. Of those artists, 1200 were new to the online art community in 2014. With roughly 48,500 original pieces on display on Artist Become, 13,500 works which were uploaded during 2014, there were a lot of artists up for consideration for inclusion in the Top 10 list..."


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justyna kopania…

Marine paintings by StudioUndertheMoon

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Gallery Alfam LLC represents me for several years in the U.S.

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Marine paintings by StudioUndertheMoon
279 by StudioUndertheMoon

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"Artist Become Releases Top 10 Contemporary Artists of 2013 According to Artist Become, the Polish artist Justyna Kopania was the most popular contemporary artist in 2013.
Written by Amitai Sasson on December 23, 2013"

"... Kopania is one of the 1500 artists showcasing their art on Artist Become. Of those artists, 800 were new to the online art community in 2013. With roughly 35,000 original pieces on display on Artist Become, 8,500 works which were uploaded during 2013, there were a lot of artistsup for consideration for inclusion in the Top 10 list. .."



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279 by StudioUndertheMoon

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Series of oil paintings - "Variations"

Series of oil paintings - “Inspirations”

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302 by StudioUndertheMoon
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I cordially invite you to my new page on Facebook.
Every day will be placed there a new oil paintings.…

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"Artist Become Releases First Annual Top 10 Contemporary Art List

"Night" by Polish artist Justyna Kopania named Artist Become's most popular work of art in 2012.

Written by Amitai Sasson on January 4, 2013"


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"Justyna Kopania named Artist Become's July Artist of the Month
The Polish Artist Justyna Kopania has Earned the Honors for her excellent pallet work and brushstrokes transcending her to be our July Artist of the Month.
Polish artist Justyna Anna Kopania has been named Artist Become's July Artist of the Month. Based in Warszawa, Poland, Kopania has been painting for more than a decade. She is one of more than 500 international artists featured on Artist Become..."
Written by Amitai Sasson on 02 Jul, 2012 ,
...I light a cigarette. I look like a strip of gray smoke rises ... A moment later disappears. This leaves only the smell of burning tobacco. Like memories. I meditate and try to understand what is evident in its being, but really, when one starts thinking about what is obvious - when he's trying to understand the obvious - it becomes unlimited - as art, as something that is sometimes. .., like philosophy, like the human mind, as life ... like ... nothing. So what exactly is "nothing"? What exactly is "something" ?!... What is the difference between "something" and "nothing" ... Floating burnt tobacco smoke - is "something". A moment later, smoke disappears and remains the small that after a while becomes nothing ... Even after that, a few minutes ago was something ... "Something" - is visible in some way ... And what is "nothing"!?. .. What color is "nothing"? I close my eyes for a moment ... Then you can say that I do not see ... And yet, when one closes his eyes - he sees darkness at the start with some reflections of light ... A moment later, it is very dark. Does "nothing" - is black ?!... Is it therefore time is nothing! Perhaps, however, time is something ... Then what is "nothing" ... "Nothing" - it's also "something." And since time is something which is also nothing ... I decided to paint it - time for something and nothing ... What color is the time! Time I decided to paint it - time for something and nothing ... What color is the time! Time I associate with the color white. With quite a smooth, transparent surface, giving the impression of spatial depth ... "Something" reminds me of a structure of something ... I painted the image of "Passing" - two pianos on a white background, with thick layers of paint ... I think ... I look out the window and see the night ... time is passing ... Or, if man were able to stop time - and then would still exist ... Do you still would be a man? I ponder, but even in thought I can not stop the time ... because thoughts are ongoing, like me, you, we all ... Is that - what I'm trying constantly to do, stop in the picture time - it is achievable? Can you in art, in painting, to photography, poetry, prose ... music ... stop the time? I think that in art, etc., you can simply recognize the moment ... but I can not stop time ... ... because it takes time to establish its duration, while destroying some way - to subject everything that surrounds us ... transience, often forgotten ... Even "nothing", which for the moment, a fraction of a second - can become "something" ... I like to think. I like to understand ... it's my passion ... a reflection - even emptiness, which is sometimes a man is like - if you look at it from another perspective ... if only for a standing rather than lying ... Emptiness - is also after "something" - because it lasts, there simply is ... I ponder on ... Thought - is it after all something, but it is intangible, you can not take it in your hands ... you can not see it, touch ... just as void of imagination and the sky ... but you can feel, feel - as Stop the smell ... in Picture time ... Stop in the art of passing the time ... transience, time, duration ... You can only stop the thought, feeling accompanying the process of creating something ... but no time, no passing, because they are ongoing ... We can not catch them ... or close ... even in art ... even in words, memories, or hands ... Their survival - is endless .... They are something that the entire existing nothing, nothing in the whole ... You can not know their structure ... - Although they are ... although they are ongoing ... - In his passing ... - Like a man ... I get up from his chair and walked over to the repealed windows .... which brings cool fresh air, it would seem that the same thing, which was the previous night ... and yet another ... Outside my window it was raining. Drops of rain gently hitting the window sills, windows, roofs of houses ... compose a prelude rain tonight Is this a prelude ... it is art? Still raining – someone in the light of the lantern runs down the street ... hurry ... You can hear the stamping of heels, you hear the rain ... Light of the lantern reflected in puddles, shadow of the lantern, a man ... a man runs, but if he walked in hurry. ... With a fast pace under the umbrella painstakingly extracted the smoke ... - Probably smoking a cigarette ... and Scenery from the movie - an inspiration to paint another picture ... - And yet the reality - creates art, great scenery ... The reality - as art ... Like Libertango by Astor Piazzolla ... - Light and shadow ... the energy of life, passion ... The greatest artist - is the world. Outside my window today, the sky was full of gray clouds that floated today like the human mind - draped in sadness, thoughts ... Rain and tears on people's faces, lively, full of nostalgia, wistfulness about everything ... hit my window, pouring down the windows ... I finished yesterday's work on the next image. Image that is a reflection on the transience of life ... there is ... time ... How small is man, to everything that God created ... but how great a man may be - for others ... other people ... I - a man as time passes ... ... which will never come back ... Time 2: 27 on my clock .... Passing in time - still continues ... as a shadow, which can not be lost as a thing ..., set aside, or somewhere in a corner to sit ... there like a cloud of dust sitting in the corner ... marched off by the wind, blowing through the open window ... Painting ... life ... creating ...- man should create, not destroy ..., share your thoughts, because each of us, I think that she sees the world differently ... The colors are changing every day outside the window, colors, seasons, sky, clouds ... just like that world - changes the passage of time ... changing, life-changing ... seeing, feeling ... something that is obvious and seemingly understood, in their misunderstanding of ..., in its lack of borders ... I think the biggest trick is understanding. Get to know - is to understand ... At this point, thinking combined with an attempt to understand the meaning of existence, the passage of time ... stop for a moment and actually look at it from another perspective ... When a man looks at the world outside the window ... even at night .... . so very different from ... the moments that are never the same ... change from second to second ... like the clouds floating by in the sky ... ... the color changing shape, the word ... and maybe just the world .. . ... the people around us are illusion ... which gives each of us according to their own needs, thoughts ... Maybe ... passing - it's just an illusion ...

Maybe sometimes that ordinariness is good to look from different angles ... you may want to stop for a second of time ... for a while ... that was another, seemingly unique perspective to look at the wall ... even if not present during the shoot, crowd, who, like lava, flowing through the streets of the city ... without regard to what surrounds us ... stop at the smallest fraction of a second ... and understand why it is so and not otherwise ...
Hum in my thoughts.
Like ... - Autumn leaves ...
Tossed by the wind ... - On the pavement.
Hum ... - Rustling.
Rustling ... - Hum.
Do you hear ...?!
The wind stops.
Leaves stilled.
They lie.
Thoughts continue ...
Hum ... - Rustling.
Rustling ... - Hum.
I try to reassure them.
But ...
Thoughts ...
They are faster than my hands.
Thoughts ... - Which ...
Hum ... - Rustling ...
Rustling ... - Hum
Which you just hear ...
Intangible ...
You can - catch!?
The clock strikes the first hour of the night. I finish the painting today. I get up with the
stool and taking off the easel painting. It amounts to a second
peace. I'll be back. I put a stool by the wall. Easel shifts the corner of the studio.
I went up to the window and open it. Falls into the cool, fresh air. I look at
sky. It is dark and overcast. I do not see the stars on it today or
moon ... time is passing. Clouds do not see the end ... just like the end of time,
which takes in its passage .... Time 01: 30 at night. I think. My thoughts
moving in the direction of art, philosophy ... Art ... Definition - Word
"Art" - reminds me of red, especially with cadmium red
Cadmium Red - as passion, love, life, fire, blood, freedom, but also
as a warning, aggression, destruction, cry ... Cadmium red reminds me
Caprice No. 16 Niccolo Paganini ...

My thoughts on art, creation, life is based on the observation
and the sensation of reality. Feel - say, look, see ... but not
always see - to feel ... I Processed reality that
I try to capture in pictures or words, is an attempt to look at the world
in terms of feelings, emotions, emotions that give the word, color
images. Create - say, feel, perceive, communicate your point of view ...

I think that art is unlimited and can not be
"Close", limit, designate that runs from here to there, that means so much
and so much ... It should inspire emotion, controversy, and sometimes conflict ...
What is a "time"? Time is "something" that second time is not repeated. This second,
followed by a second clock stand out second, minute, hour time ...
as the sun, the moon takes place. Time as
transience, transience, something that is limited in its
unlimited. Time-the mystery of existence ... Man, as a prisoner
time ... suggestions of the clock.Time - haste, speed, blunt, something that lasts ... Everyone has a "consciousness of time" ... Maybe
if the man had no consciousness of time, perhaps not so
hurry do not really know where and what ...
In painting I try to show the "world", which could be seen by looking at reality that surrounds us, from another perspective, unusual, remote, sometimes through the eyes of the child, sometimes music, composer, or someone who looks lichen on the sea, the moon , the sky and the stars ..., the river ... looks out the window and looks out into the street. Walking down the street looking at people's faces. In rain, snow or fog. Perhaps the world that surrounds us Human really is quite different than we perceive it every day. Perhaps in every drop of rain, the grain of sand, petal snow are millions of colors that you can see, if you look for them, exactly an unusual perspective of our view.

I would like to connect and be able to capture the image of time that passes so quickly. Pass a second - which are born minutes. The minutes are created with the hours ... hours - days. From days - weeks. From weeks - months. From months - years. From years - life ...

Passing seasons. Passes the snow, the snow comes the rain ... the rain drops tears of God sorrund my face - haltingly straight at me - how he thinks. Passing day ... Place the sun in the sky the moon is replaced ... I would like to be able to stop time ... I look at the clock on the wall ... They come to strip off the clock ... it from the wall. Batteries. Put tem a side. I hang the clock on the site. I sit opposite the window and look into them. Outside my window the rain falls. The sky is dark, cloudy. Just like before removing the battery from the clock. I stopped the clock with the naivete of a child, thinking that would stop the time ... I looked through the window - still clouds float across the sky, raining constantly ... time passes ... the window insists evening.