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My friend showed up when I pulled out this coloring page. She's a little personali.... I mean girl... that I know. She's eight years old and loves to color *I do not!* _yes you do!_ ahem... she'll giggle if you call her "Tinny" but will tell you it's actually pronounced "tEEnee"... anyway she had a lot of fun with the colors, but I told her to change the banner color to blue because the red looked like Fella was covered in bl... I mean a mess, yeah, it looked messy. She begrudgingly complied. When she got tired of coloring she tried the puzzles. She liked those until she got to the maze. She changed coloring crayons with each try and when she tried the last time with a purple crayon *because it's my favorite!* _shhhhh! I'm talking!_ *hmmmph*... anyway, she got soooo close and got angry and broke the crayon! So I got a black marker and showed her the path. *stupid Fella can find his OWN way through the STUPID maze and get his OWN stupid cupcake!!* _Enough! Go to sleep!_
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