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Christmas Twins, a recent commission. This was originally a redditgetsdrawn practice piece, but the father liked it so much he wanted a finished version. I had just worked out the more streamlined process for creating digital portraits from photos (explained here: RGD-SK6aidan ) and he agreed to let me use that style. It was a little more involved than some of the others I've done because in addition to adding and subtracting canvas to get my composition, I also needed to move the younger daughter's forearm, remove a gift card from the older daughter's hands, and eliminate the bright yellow plastic chair they were sitting in. Even though the process involves using a photo base and cloning, the final painting is still subject to my usual foibles caused by eyes that do not track together well... it messes up my perception of alignment (esp. eyes). Plus when working with really large files it's easy to miss areas that still need work. It's a good thing my client was patient and observant! His feedback helped to pin down the flaws so I could fix them! :heart:
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