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My Bio

I'm a girl on a mission to make my dreams of a cartoonist a reality.

I have my own series in the making, yes all copyrighted.

I have many of comic thus far, and even now working on a video game of them; but first have to learn 3D modeling and such. It's a slow process but it's going. I figure the best way for people to get to know them on a personal fun level, is to play around with them physically in a video game. That way you can be indulged in their world and what it's like there.

Until then I have many of as said comics of them and even the video game idea and misc of what's going to be in it.

I'll be uploading that as well.

I'll be uploading a lot of artwork of just them, concept art, regular pictures, comics (old and new), and perhaps behind the scenes pictures of their progress.

The rest will be on my Patreon. And some can be viewed earlier on Patreon.

If you want to help me grow I have a few places that I go too now to help spread said growth of them.

Can't believe it's already May, and with May brings big plans ahead for me and future projects. Thing is before I go into it, I figured out a new way of doing things, a new way of setting up projects and when to do them. I figured I'd edit videos early in the morning and then work on projects in the afternoon and so far it does work. That way I can post the video for later that day. And if I do have time since not all videos take that long, sometimes I can actually finish two and then I figured weekends I can do misc. such as concept art and other side projects Since it's sunday, I actually figured I might be able to finish all concept art today leaving for next weekend for other projects including animations. Which would be great practice. Unless if during that weekend I might have a commission from my new inkbunny account in hopes that I can earn something to at least be able to earn money to buy a rig. Since on weekends I accept commissions. [Go to inkbunny if you'd like one too:
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This month...was truly an...interesting month. Some stuff getting done and some stuff just didn't happen. But let's get into what had happened: I did install my ram into my computer and in a way yes helped with Blender. it's still a tad slow but it still works better than it had before. I really wish they'd work on performance in there I wanted to get my cat mao mao groomed, but sadly the groomer at the vet only comes in on a Saturday till 12, and the one at petsense only comes in once a month on a Wed. And no other place wants to groom a cat. So my mum said she'd do it. (I'm slightly afraid of how that'll turn out) I have indeed seen the Sonic Movie 2. I have finished Spatters model. I have finished my animation of "weak" that's now on Youtube I have finished drawing my friends b-day picture I have drawn more concept art which you guys have seen and plan to draw more this weekend. I couldn't do the Spyro series which is fine, only cause the family sharing on steam isn't working
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For my 3D models, I was using hair particles. that way they'd look fluffy and it would hide some of the lines or stuff that I didn't like lol. Thing is, even when installing 32GB of ram, it was still pausing every time I'd go to move the model and or crash Blender and I'm just sitting there like "Wtf?" since I did what it told me to do. I upgraded the ram and my graphics card was about suitable to what Blender said to use. So what could be the problem? So I went to r/BlenderHelp for this one turns out because even though my graphics card is good, it's not good enough to handle the particle system. When talking to someone, problem is when adding children to hair, just adding 200-500 is like adding over a million for it to render. I tried fiddling with it, thinking if I went lower it would be okay sadly not so. any hair particle that was on the bunnies would be too much for my computer to handle. But once I got rid of them, I was able to move them fast and freely so I guess for right
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