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Neighbor, where are you ?

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I'm so happy
Cause today I found my friends
They're in my head.

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A description I can relate to, with deep implications.
Is it a Ghibli-related quote or something?
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Really amazing! Melted crayon art is always so interesting to look at. :D Yay Totoro!!
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Cool! Great! I love Totoro! and this image... is great! :D I am a dummy! 
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Woah, how did you achieve an effect like that? :O 
I'd imagine getting out an outline like that is some what difficult. 
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A+ for the Nirvana reference
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it took my a while...but then I realized this was totoro
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. . ..  . . you left them outside, didn't you. . .?
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O.o It's an art piece of Totoro. They glued the crayons to it and used a hair dryer to melt them.
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Orange is taking over <(*^*)/

It's amazing tho! Love it!
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oooo so cool howd you do it.
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im so ugly,
thats okat cuz so are you.
n im not scared, YEAH YEAH YEAH!!
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aww totoro!! lovelovelove
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That is amazing
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Really beautiful oh my gosh!!! I love it so much :D how do you do this?
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This is really cool!! I also made a crayon art and I would greatly appreciate it if you would check it out and maybe give me some feedback :D Also how fun was it to clean up this mess lol
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I saw your work "Melted Crayons". And she makes really good!
For notebook, it will remain as it eternally. But for the furniture, I used alcohol (vanilla) provided. And we must not hesitate to rub. :-P

I also use a steam cleaner >^_^<
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Thank you!  Ahh how long did that take?
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Cleaning? 20-30 minutes:-D
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