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The Sun, the Moon, and the Steers



I've been entering my art into the Western Idaho Fair fine arts exhibition for several years now but this year, I had some extra time, so I decided to make something specifically for the annual theme!  The theme was "The Sun, the Moon, and the Steers".  The theme is usually a bit silly like that Wink/Razz

One of my Twitch viewers recently asked if I would stream any digital art, so that's what lead to me making this a digital piece.  I used public domain photos from NASA and Hubble as well as my personal photography to fill in most of the piece.  I also used digital drawing techniques and applied texture and pattern overlays that I made myself.  It was all done in Photoshop.  Unfortunately, my PC is really starting to show its age and I was only able to stream one work session.  I had to do the rest off-camera because it couldn't handle both the streaming and art software running at once.  (If you'd like to help me upgrade my PC, please join my Patreon! Link below.)

Since I didn't have much time to get this piece made (it has to be submitted next Monday) I created a simple, generally symmetrical composition.  I drew inspiration from one of my favorite art movements, art nouveau.  The theme made it easy to choose astronomical and astrological elements.  I've got the sun and the moon reflecting each other (has anyone else ever seen one of those amazing moon halos that sometimes happen on cold nights? I always feel energized when I notice one and that's why I added it here) and stars encircling them both.  I put the earth in between for the steers to stand on and added two Taurus symbols for interest.  I drew the steers' horns in a round (but still natural) shape to match with the Taurus symbols.

Just in case you're wondering, a steer is a castrated bull Oh no / The Patrick

Photoshop, 12x18"

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Really like how you balanced this one.