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Fandemonium Prize 1 - Diamond Pie



I returned to artist alley this year when Fandemonium came back from the dead.  I spent a lot of backbreaking hours revamping my artist alley setup so that I would have less stuff to lug around and could enjoy my time at my table more.  One of the things I did was make grab-bags full of the prints, bookmarks, buttons, and other merchandise that I decided to retire.  I've done grab-bags before but this time, in hopes of boosting sales (it didn't work, unfortunately), I included certificates in three of the twenty-four bags good for a free chibi drawing.  Two of the three certificates were found so what you see here is the first prize!

The winner requested a drawing of his My Little Pony character, Diamond Pie.  Her story is complex but she's basically a descendant of Pinkie Pie and Diamond Tiara.  She's dressed in gypsy-inspired clothing because her character was inspired by the song "The Gypsy Bard" and all the diamond and pearl accents were added as visual representation of her name and heritage.  It had been a long while since I drew a chibi like this but I'm happy to report I haven't lost any of my skill XD  Indeed I feel this is one of my best chibis yet!

Ink, marker, and colored pencil on index paper, 4x6"

Here's the second prize:
Another commission from the same client:
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Hi i have a question does diamond pie have parents :-?