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Benediction for the Year of the Boar

Happy new year, everyone!  This illustration is unique in that I created over two dozen different versions!  For Christmas, I wanted to create personalized art presents for my friends and family that also wouldn't take as long as creating that many unique pieces of art (as with last year; I don't know if I will ever be able to do that again).  After working through several different ideas, I finally settled on this one.

2019 will be the year of the boar, so that's why I drew wild boars (wild boar piglets are one of the cutest things in existence!!!) and the word featured in the center of the piece is the main thing that I customized for each of my gift recipients.  For every person, I thought of a unique word that would be given only to them, something I recognized in them and which I also wished them more of.  For the world at large, and for myself, I chose the word you see here, "happiness."  Here's the text from the cards I attached to the back of each piece, which explains it better than anything:

[ben-i-dik-shuh n]
- an utterance of good wishes.
- the advantage conferred by blessing; a mercy or benefit.

The word I've chosen as your benediction is both something I already see in you, and something I wish for you in the coming year.

May 2019 bring the strength, ferocity, tranquility, and protection of the Boar!

Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop, 8 x 10 inches
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