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Hey everyone! So I'll miraculously be attending Anime North Comic Market this year with :iconcloverfirefly: who was gracious enough to share half her table with me. :heart:

Once again that means anyone who is looking to order buttons with Marimo Buttons can pick up right at the convention during set-up, a win-win-lose for everybody. (you-me-Canada Post) I now offer 3 sizes of buttons, 1.25", 1.75", and 2.25".

Custom Button Services
  • 1.25" - $0.33 each
  • 1.75" - $0.39 each
  • 2.25" - $0.44 each
Short-But-Sweet Convention schedule:
Star! Toronto Comicon March 7-9
Star! Anime North May 23-25
Happy New Year!!! Its 2014 already, how did that happen? I've been spending the Christmas break doodling and making more button designs, 2013 was definitely year of watching anime. The last few years I only really stayed true to my beloved One Piece and not much else, but oh man Jojo's Bizarre Adventure... Jojo's changed my life. I've been hooked on Attack on Titan and finally watched all of Madoka but Jojo's. JOJO'S. Anyway...

Convention schedule:
:star: Toronto Comicon March 7-9
:star: Anime North May 23-25 (UNCONFIRMED)
:star: Otakuthon August 22-24 (UNCONFIRMED)
Good news! My partner and I will be attending the Comic Market at Anime North this spring. We'll also be at the Toronto Comicon this weekend. We'll have a bunch of new buttons for sale at both conventions, and we're setting our sights on Otakuthon in Montreal this summer too. Check out our site for all the new designs we're drawing, not everything gets uploaded to DA:

We do custom button making services too :D
Me and my trusty partner will be at the Toronto Comicon this March! >>> Look for us and all our cool merch in the artist alley!

In regular news, check out my Red Bubble and Society6 stores, where I sell t-shirts, vinyl stickers, pillows, and iphone/ipad cases. :D I'll be designing more shirts in the future.

:iconwalkingcatplz: :iconwalkingcatplz: :iconwalkingcatplz: :iconwalkingcatplz: :iconwalkingcatplz: :iconwalkingcatplz: :iconwalkingcatplz: :iconwalkingcatplz:
Hey! I have a RedBubble page now :)…
I've uploaded some of my older designs for t-shirts, iphone cases and stickers. But I'm planning on doing things different from what I upload here. I'm a big fan of shirt-of-the-day sites like TeeFury and The Yetee, so I'll be doing less of the kawaii stuff and more silly geek stuff. I watch less anime these days and spend my time watching TV and playing games instead, so my new designs will be reflecting that.

I'm really excited to do this, I love buttons but I feel like doing something different... convention season is 6 months away anyhow. I've always been into tshirt design, in 2006 I did a lot of home-made screenprinting that was really messy and difficult. I ruined my home printer by getting transparencies jammed and melted into it... I had a really ghetto darkroom that was basically the home office used at night, and storing my screens in 2 garbage bags in the closet. Printing more than one colour per shirt was just crazy talk, so I worked monotone. I did some cool One Piece designs I'm still proud of now, but they're seriously dated. I still have a lot of left over Gildan shirts (*shudder*) somewhere. Miraculously I managed to sell most of them at Anime North 2006, but they soon separated crafters from artists in the Artist Alley, so I couldn't sell shirts anymore. Which didn't bother me at the time, I ruined a lot of shirts and screens with my ghetto homestyle techniques and I didn't think making shirts was achievable anymore. So seeing tshirt-of-the-day sites come up in popularity has really inspired me to design again, since that's all I'll be worrying about, the designing. :3 But anyway, RedBubble will be home to my tshirt designs, we'll see what else happens in the future :D
Hey everyone! I've already announced that we'll be at Toronto Fan Expo, in the artist alley at table A137. But its been such a busy summer (I've gone on 3 vacations! o@) that I forgot to thank everyone we met at Otakuthon! It was our first time in Montreal and it was awesome, people in Montreal are really friendly and the folks we met at Otakuthon were some of the nicest, friendliest people ever. We got a ton of support, so thank you everyone who came to our table. :heart: I'm really excited to come back next year, I didn't get to see enough of Montreal. You can blame summer classes for that.

I know a bunch of you people will be at Fan Expo, so I hope to see you again :)
Gonna be at Fan Expo! Table A137. Check us out! There might even be... *GASP* NEW ART!
Hey! I'll be at Otakuthon this weekend, at table 315! :) If you're going, come by!