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After such a long time, Loki again! Long time no see, don´t you think?

Coloring and lighting practice, while we´re at it Meow :3 

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Love this! I'm drawing him right now! Loki lol smile 
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I'm adding this to my faves again, because I just noticed that it's been removed??? I don't know why. I posted a comment on it the day I added it to my faves the first time. But apparently DA removed it over the past months.... O-o What the?
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It really is awesome...
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Amazing! just amazing
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Them knives tho O.o
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Loki looks sooo good here!  I love the coloring for his hair!
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Thanks! It was a good practice!:D
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SO excited for LOKI!!!!!!
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You're welcome!
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Very cool ;)

Matches the overall impression I've had of the movie based on the trailer:)
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To be honest, the only think I cared about on the trailer was Loki XD
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I am very happy they gave him a haircut. He was starting to look like Tommy Wiseau (if you don't know who that is, you need to brush up on your bad movies :giggle: )

The soundtrack really threw me off since I didn't expect that kind of music.

A great song that would work would be "It's the End of the World as We Know It" :giggle:
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Yeah, the soundtrack was like... "wtf???" I hope the movie will have a better one. But the general 80s flavour doesn´t seem very promising ^^;
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Yeah, it's really bizarre ^^;

I grew up in a household where my dad always listened to 80s music, so I can say nothing. Maybe they can make it work :shrug:
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