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All the Kills in the Game of Thrones

Spoiler Alert (Based on the book series A Song Of Ice And Fire)

An infograph by

 killed whom? A maesterful representation of ALL the kills in the Game of Thrones (so far)

For the HBO TV series A Game Of Thrones based infographic, follow this link

The following updates have been made, based on feedback. 

Updates :
   1. Spellings fixed for Wights, Viserion, Weese, Lannister Guards
   2. Mag the mighty <--both kill each other--> Donal Noye
   3. Brienne of Tarth is falsely accused of killing Renly
   4. Lem Lemoncloak kills the Brave Companion Archer
   5. Mandon Moore's failed attempt to kill Tyrion 
   6. Amory Lorch killed by a bear for Roose Bolton's entertainment
   7. Cleos Frey killed by some outlaw archers (not the Brave Companions or the Brotherhood without Banners)

Additions : 
   1. Samwell Tarly kills Small Paul & the Other   
   2. Oberyn Martell (the Red Viper) kills Edgar Yornwood
   3. Tywin xxxxx>(planned kill) House Reyne
   4. Gregor Clegane kills Vargo Hoat (Goat)
   5. Blood Beard kills Admiral Groleo
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A masterpiece. Such dedication to detail

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Very good work. Although, personally I would've used Vincent Crabbe (The late Richard Griffith) from Pie in the Sky as Wyman Manderly. But good job nonetheless. Aerys the Mad gave me a shock.
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As we are watching season 6 allready, will there be an update on the infographic ?
Can't wait to see it

And, will there be a line for resurrection ?  ;)
anthrodiva's avatar
Amazing amount of work!
gordo-porno's avatar
wow! now  i'm more confused---
Dove1211's avatar
Nice! I can only imagine how long this took to make!
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So many dead and the series isn't even close to being done
I just spend 30 minutes reading all of this. Cool job
IcyBlueSky's avatar
crossing fingers here that a stark doesnt die when I ask this but... Where is Sansa Stark?     
Springcloud's avatar
This is simply incredible. GO YOU! One small note (and I doubt it matters) but didn't the Catspaw Assassin also try to kill Catelyn?
lilifane's avatar
Really love this infograph <3
Not only because I can look up the deaths and kills without having to search in the books but especially because of the little details/theories you put in. Azor Ahai, Pod not really dead, Jaquen H'quar, Jaime=valonquar... <3
I have an idea and I was wondering what your thought on this might be: I agree that Petyr wants to kill Robert Arryn but there was one vision that old woman had at the High Heart. She told Tom of Seven that she saw a maiden with serpents in her hair (Sansa at Purple Wedding) and later that maid killed a giant in a castle of snow. Then Sansa builds a model of Winterfell out of snow in the Eyrie and Robert Arryn destroys it shouting "I'm a giant". He is holding a puppet at the moment and Sansa tears this puppet apart, then Robert cries because she "killed the giant". Not sure if the old woman had a vision of Sansa tearing a puppet in the Eyrie or of Sansa really killing Robert Arryn later. Personally I cant imagine why there should be a vision about a puppet so I fear Sansa might kill Robert Arryn some time in the future although I can't quite imagine it.
studioincandescence's avatar
Quite a possibility this. The theory makes sense.  
With George R. R. Martin, I guess you never know ;) 
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Thanks for liking it :) 
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Oh god, what have I done. I didn't read the books, but I love the show...

I need to start drinking a whole lot immediately so I can forget that I ever saw this! 
studioincandescence's avatar
Hope the drinking helped ;) 
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WOW! This is great!!
studioincandescence's avatar
Thank you and a wow :) 
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