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Hisuian Zorua Plush Custom Keychain by StudioFluff, visual art



Magicat by StudioFluff, visual art

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Howdy ( ´ ∀ ` )ノ Welcome to my page!

I am a freelance plush artist who sells online and at conventions. I will be working on small, self-drafted side projects in between all of the beanies and key chains while also learning embroidery software. My goals are to give back to the plush-making community by providing affordable embroidery files and plush patterns. Everyone needs to start somewhere, and if I can help other beginners, then that would be awesome! I feel like there's something therapeutic about being able to love and squeeze a soft plushy. Just because we've grown up does not mean we can't keep some sweet snuggle buddies ♥

I appreciate your support, thanks for visiting!



Currently, I will only be taking 3 commissions a month. The ETA for these bad boys to go out is about a month and a half so order soon if you want something for a specific date!

I reserve the right to sell the sewing patterns for fanart characters (Pokemon, Sonic, Spyro etc.) so they will always be priced lower :)

All YCH will be OOAK and only available to whoever orders them. If you place an order for your character and decide to buy it again in the future, the price will be much lower!

I will only be taking one trade at a time due to having a high volume of sales to process each month in between commissions.

NSFW characters are welcome ♥

  • Plush Charms: Come with a star keychain and a bell. Squeakers are optional!

  • Plush Beanies: Weighted with glass beads. Can be scented per request!

║ Plush Prices ║

♥Plush Keychain YCH: Starts at $80USD

♡Plush Keychain Fanart: Starts at $40USD

♥Plush Beanie Fanart: Starts at $120USD

♡Plush Beanie YCH: Starts at $150USD

Current Commission List December

1. Custom Pokemon Sylveon Plush: Paid, Pattern Pending

2. Custom Pokemon POTS Awareness colored Leafeon

3. - Open -

Current Trade List

1. Custom Character Keychain Trade with Milkynan

StudioFluff's Conventions 2022

Ohayocon 2022 Columbus, OH from Feb 10th- Feb 13th

Fan Expo Cleveland, OH from April 29th - May 1st

Colossalcon Sandusky, OH June 1st - June 5th

Colossalcon East Poconos, PA Sep 9th - Sep 11th

I am always looking to de-stash Minky scraps that I use for my 6x10 hoop projects. All of my Minky is Shannon Cuddle 3 so it's super plush
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OMG I didn’t know you had a DeviantART! I saw you at Colossalcon and bought a couple of your buttons!
Hey there! Yeah, I haven't been on here in a while since I was in school for so long. Now that I've graduated, I'm working on setting up my business by starting with the buttons  :'D It's awesome to hear that you got some at Colossal, mind if I asked who you picked?

You've got rockin KND art btw <3
Aw, thank you so much! And thanks for watching back <3

I got Dragonair and Vaporeon :D I also have an Eevee one that I got a couple years ago.
Of course! Those are good picks too, Dragonair is one of my tops since I crammed so many colors onto his design~ Woof that Eevee, it's an oldy but a goody. I'm actually updating all of the old buttons (I may have mentioned that to you at the con) If you bring in your old Eevee to Colossal or Colassal East I can swap him out for the newest one for you if you would like :3
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Thank you much for the watch! (Again perhaps?) :iconfluttergaspplz: I’ll try not to disappoint. :iconfluttersmileplz:
Hey Adam, I started cleaning up my DevArt since I'm coming back (had way too much content I was no longer interested in) so yes it is again :3 I still love your work and am always looking forward to seeing more from you! Thanks for the message ^^ It's great to see that you're still here!
I hear ya! Well, I haven't been posting too often, so at least you won't have to worry about your inbox overflowing. :XD:
My immediate focus for this year so far will be to finally get a fully developed anthro pattern complete, so we'll see how things progress. :eager:
Thank you for your encouragement, and have a great new year! :thanks: