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Rade, design sheet

Totally different mythos than the other pieces I've uploaded, but I wanted to try my had at designing a (totally unapologetically anime) beast race for a medieval fantasy setting.  Cats are done to death, and I've never really been a dog person, but wolves are cool! So I drew a wolf boy, and ended up getting pretty carried away. The end result is not so much a race concept as a design for a specific character I'd will probably use in the not-too-distant future. I always say that.

This is Rade. He's a ranger, on a mission he won't say much about, even as the main player character. Because that wouldn't be any fun. Wears a short-sword on his hip for melee attacks, and also manages to be a pretty decent archer for a guy with claws. Personality-wise, think "brooding JRPG hero" but with legitimate baggage. Think of all the horrible things people have historically done (and still do) to wolves and you won't be far off the mark as far as the racial profile.

Lined in Clip Studio Paint, colored in Manga Studio 5. They're the same thing, but in switching back and forth between my Surface and my beefier desktop PC I ended up using both. Hooray for technology.
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