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Steampunk Abe Lincoln Costume

This is a Steampunk-inspired costume I made for the Dragon*Con sci-fi/fantasy convention held in Atlanta, GA in 2008. The model wearing the costume is my brother-in-law Daniel.

Construction time was about 35 hours, maybe a little more.

It was based on Herrenmedia's drawing, seen here.
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I am confused and impressed.
I will call it the "imprusion".
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You did a really great job makes me want to see this in animation or a game 
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His greatest invention since rocket jumping and stairs.
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Please tell me you installed a steel plate where it counts. 
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Thanks!  Steampunk Abe will fight for your Freedoms!
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Can my brother on WattPad link to this picture?
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Sure , link to it all you want. :D
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You look like Doctor Steel...
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He's slaying them vampires in style 😎
well made, and finally some steampunk that isn't just  something "with gears on it."
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Thanks for the compliments on my Steampunk Abe lincoln Copstume.  Thanks goes to herrenMedia who came up with the original artwork that I based the costume off of.  I thought the same thing when I saw his art... "No gears??? YES!!!!!"
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"Wanna crack that whip one more time, southy?"
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Hahaha.  Good one!  Steampunk Lincoln definitely does not play around.
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I love this one the inspiration of it plus the color costume really gives it good aspiration and detail :)
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Thanks!  This comment warms my heart, knowing the piece inspires others.  :)
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Thanks for the kind words about my costume.  Give HerrenMedia some love too.  He came up with the character.  :)
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I shall then, Good job!! :D
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This is the single greatest thing i've seen today
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This is awesome to hear! Glad the image inspired you!
LOVE IT! Fantastic work!
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