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New Reel. Enjoy!
Here are some sketches that I spread out through my social media platforms (urgh, I’m ashamed to use that terminology, but I don’t know how else to put it) so if you’ve missed it here are the highlights in one post, plus one extra special one just for this post. I just about finished thumbnailing another chapter of “Hockey, Love, & GUTS!” so just know I’m still at work on it. In fact because doing each chapter takes so much time out of me, once I finish one, I also need some time to unwind… by drawing more illos of the characters from the comic! I do it to keep me pumped to embark onto the next chapter, and also always to experiment with new things and see how I can apply them my personal and professional work. Gotta use all the parts of the buffalo, right? Enjoy!

Wow, here we are, the end of the first arc of this story – this really feels like a milestone for me and my relation to this story. I’ve been thinking about this chapter for years, and I’ve finally been able to catch up to it. This may be the end of the first arc, but much in the tradition of “Shounen Jump” titles, it’s only the beginning, so it feels like the meat of the story really begins here. I’ve learned a lot writing and illustrating this chapter. Of course I couldn’t have done it without the amazing Kyle T Webster brush sets, especially the recently added Screen tones set. That was a game changer for this chapter and for establishing a new visual direction for how I’d like to keep going with this comic. It’s been about 8 months since the last release, so maybe I’m getting faster at it? Probably not, so I’ll be honest and just say see you next year for another chapter of “Hockey, Love & GUTS!”…



 Read it here

But, don’t worry, I’ll be back to posting random things here and there. :]



Happy New Year 2014!! Here’s my first illustration of the year, and I hope it will be one of many. Cheers, everyone!

Hockey, Love, & GUTS! – Chapter 6 Release!! Click below to start reading at the beginning of the chapter, or click on the "Comics" tab on the top menu to check the archive, so you can start reading from the beginning or wherever you left off. Scroll below for some of my thoughts and comments.

It's been a little over 2 years since I released the last chapter and it was a tough decision to restart. I spent most of the last year and half working on a few pitches for feature and tv animation and so, the comic work was put aside. Since my daughter was born, time has flown incredibly fast and I'm just trying to stay busy with work of all kinds to pay the bills really. So the comic work was put aside. Also, I wanted to try new things to see if projects of different genres would stick and I could make one of my personal projects into a professional one, and while that might still happen, it hasn't yet, so the comic work was put aside…

So, why come back to it after such a long time? And to start pretty much where I left off. Well, the truth I never actually stopped working on the comic, but progress just slowed down to an almost dormant state, until a few months ago when I decided it was time to come back. Above it all, I feel that I'm a storyteller, and if I'm not engaged in that medium artistically in some capacity, I really start loosing the passion, the feel, really the "GUTS!" for what I do. And I have so many plans with "Hockey, Love, & GUTS!" that I feel like we're just getting started. I already have the next chapter planned out and I'm already thumbnailing it. And my next goal is modest: to be able to release the next chapter in a years time. So, I understand that this is probably the worst way to enjoy a comic, but hang in there, and take the experience from a meta level: you're really getting to feel what it's like to be a professional animation artist constantly hustling to stay employed in a crazy industry while juggling parenthood and the projects that really matter to me. I think it will get better and I'll be able to post more often – that is the feeling that I put working on this chapter and onwards. So, come by and check it out in the "Comics" section. Start fresh if you haven't read it yet, or catch up if you have keeping up with it. And don't hesitate to leave a comment either, I'd love to know people are reading it, loving it, or hating it. I welcome it all with love, and GUTS!

As I resume work on my comic "Hockey, Love, & GUTS!"… I've come across a few crowd shots of the students, and I just couldn't get away with drawing silhouettes or nondescript figures, so I decided to go ahead and just design a few incidentals along with the main characters I already have… well, maybe the incidentals will turn out to be main characters in the future too… who knows! Enjoy!
More development work. The "War of the Currents" story is getting rather grand, and it feels a lot more than I can chew, but I guess that's how it is with every project that I do lately… either way while juggle freelance work here and there, it's good to have a variety of things to work on, but also frustrating since each progresses at such a slow pace (I won't even mention my comic, even though I just did, but yeah, I'm still working on it…)

Meanwhile, I started a tumblr page here – – why you ask? Is it to waste more time that I don't actually have? Naw, imagine that…  actually, I've been meaning to do it for a long time and decided to do it now simply because I realized how much I like the concept of image sharing; especially because it's very easy to share or reblog art that inspires and influences me, as well as posting my own art, so it makes for an interesting viewing experience (it's also already set up for mobile devices, so it saves me time from researching how to make this site mobile compliant.)

For now I'll treat the Studio CATCH! Tumblr site as a "sister" site to this one, so expect the same posts showing up there, but with more image replies or commentaries (or whatever is going to show up… can't promise it all be safe for work  )

Anyway, hopefully more comic page WIP images coming soon. I really miss drawing those characters.

Here's something that I did last year, that I've only been able to release now. It's probably one of my first charity art works, and I had a lot of fun doing it. The charity organization is called Drawing Dreams Foundation and they provide coloring books to children's hospitals around the country. The theme for this year's edition is genetically engineered animals, which sounds a little rough for a children's book, but I think I put a cute spin on it. Enjoy!
These are some illustrations I did last year for one of the projects I'm developing lately. I've been debating whether to release them or not, but I decided to just do it and see if anyone gets excited about it; I'm constantly running into roadblocks in terms of story and concept work, but I guess that's a good thing, right? Struggle, fight, art… time, kids, family… (I know pretty random post, but I'll shut up for now.)

Happy New Year! 2012 brought me many unexpected surprises, so who knows what 2013 will bring. I just hope I can update this little blog more often – there is so much I did last year that I haven't been able to post for a variety of reasons, but here goes something to start off the year well.

And here are a couple of variants, just because.

All in all, I'm still here working a lot, though my daughter is the one doing all the kicking and screaming.

Best Wishes for 2013, and of course,


My last post was in July, and wow, time flies when you have an infant. I've been busy with a variety of things, least of which is my own work, which I try and showcase it here as much as I can. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, maybe what I say here might seem redundant or irrelevant, but sometimes 140 characters or a status update just isn't enough to let one's voice come out. So I think of this blog as my own headphones, so to speak, to check and see how I sound to myself and to others.

More here:…
Back to my "red pen" sketches, done on a Cintiq. Really just warming up for another chapter of my comic that while is slow to come out, I assure you, I'll continue to work on it until it's done. It's been over 3 years since I started it already, so what's another 3, 6, or 9 more?! (Urgh, I wish I could finish it sooner… there is a light at the end of this tunnel, but also, the tunnel has some cool looking lights, so I'll stick in it for a while…) well, that metaphor went on for too long, and I'm exhausted. However, I did wanna get back to posting one way or another, and I guess this is surprisingly the quickest way to do it… I'm so pro, ain't I… urgh….

Am I gonna talk about the band Buffalo Daughter? No (but they're good too) I am of course referring to the herculean task of raising a child that I've acquired recently when I became a father.

People told me all sorts of things before she was born, and I could list them all, but to keep to things pertaining to this site (it's professional, remember?) I'll say that yeah, she has brought me good luck. But, that good luck comes at the cost of time, which I almost have none as I'm barely managing to write this post (and in case you haven't noticed, it's been again over two months since my last update.)

What that good luck has become is a slight change in my career. I'm taking a break from the independent commercial animator side of things and trying out tv animation for now; it's something I've been wanting to do for a while, and those who know me understand that I'm doing this for a variety of reasons, but probably none more important than my daughter and my wife. Sure, it's nice to be able to hop from one studio to another and work on very short projects (with a unusually high level of quality,) but at the end of the day the motion side of the industry was never really for me, and not being part of a team as staff made me feel kind of lonely after while – ironically, I think I've made some of my new best friends after bumping into the same crew of animators in different commercial houses, but my relationships with the actual projects still remained detached. And while tv animation is certainly more geared to children in general, the appeal of being part of a team is still very strong in me, and something I'd been yearning for since my days as a story artist on the feature "9."

So, have I arrived? Have I made it? Am I living the dream? I don't know if I should think in hyperbolic terms as those, but I do think I feel relieved somewhat. Relieved that at least I know I can do this again, and that no matter what kind of project I'm working on, (as a story artist, concept/character designer, or animator,)  I can still manage to make the experience my own.

Of course, when you have kids, all your priorities get in check and I think I'm finally understanding what unconditional love is; coincidentally I am listening to more John Coltrane, as his music puts my daughter in such ease as I cuddle her to sleep. "Sacrifice" is the other term usually thrown around when talking about kids, but I think the only thing that I can really feel that I am sacrificing is time – everything else that she has brought to my life and my wife's is complementary, and we can't really imagine how our lives were before her. I had a similar feeling last year when I adopted my dog; pets do make good "training wheels" for having kids, and luckily ours gets along with our kid just fine. Whether it's waking up in the morning to walk the dog, change a diaper or two, and hold one in one arm while petting the other, I cherish these moments as an artist just as much as when I'm working on my own projects. They are the ones that bring meaning to my art, and while nowadays I may not have as much time for mindless sketching, I feel that when I am working on my own work, there is more focus, and I get more satisfaction out of even an hour of just brainstorming ideas, writing scripts, thumbnailing comic pages or working on character illustrations. Finding those moments is still hard since my daughter is still so young (over 4 months old now) but, after all, I'm still managing to reflect upon it here on this blog.

A little over 2 months since my last blog post. What the…? Yes, I became a father two months ago, and it's been some intense two months. I don't know how much I want to talk about that here though; this is after all a "professional" blog that's supposed to be just about my art, right? So, maybe once I get back to being able to sleep okay, I'll make a post about parenthood and what that means to me as an artist. Until then, this is what I've been able to conjure for my own lately, especially after reading this great article on Comics Alliance, featuring  Brandon Graham, creator of King City.……
I've been really missing drawing the characters for my comic, and just missing working on my comic in general. Hopefully this year I'll get back to work on it… even if I just put out one chapter, that will be a huge accomplishment with the way things are going with my career and personal life… more on that later. Enjoy!…
It's been over a month since my last update, and a lot has happened, and lot hasn't happened. C'est la vie de le "freelancer". Alors, voilá! L'art! (What's up with all the french all of a sudden? Je ne sais pas…)…
Each year around this time I gather all of my work together once again for my yearly pilgrimage to CTN EXPO. This will be my third time going to it, and I'm glad it's still going strong because with each new convention, I seem to make new friends and I have more fun than the previous year. So hot off the renders, here is my new animation reel, concept art, and storyboard portfolios. Enjoy!…
Here are some more design works for "War of the Currents." With CTN EXPO coming up, I have to put up a new animation reel and portfolio for the convention, so I don't know if I'll have more design work next week, but I'll try to have another post… of something. Also, people are starting to ask me about the story behind all these characters and places, and honestly right now the ideas are just a little too jumbled for a coherent story to come out quickly. Besides, I don't even know in which medium to attempt something like this, though most likely not comics (maybe film, or animation; or even just illustrations for a novel?) Either way, I hope you've been enjoying them as much as I have painting them, so once again, enjoy!…
This week I continue to explore the world of War of the Currents with some more character and mechanical designs. I guess the carbon light bulb theme in all of these designs comes from a concept of reverse causality (is that even real?) in such that the energy comes from the bulb, and not from another source that makes the bulbs glow. One of the challenges of sci-fi is coming up with the science or logic of that world, and while it's exciting and interesting, it's also a bit overwhelming; either that or I'm too worried about things making sense.
This week I'll introduce you to my other visual development idea: War of the Currents. The name right now seems rather generic, but it refers to the so-called "war" between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla in the late 1880′s about which electrical current was superior for conductivity. I've been doing some reading on the subject and that has helped me shape this retro future science fiction world; however, unlike "Crimson Candle" I have a much less specific idea about characters and story, and more about world building, which makes it harder for me to think about a titular character or story core for the project. And so, "War of the Currents" seems to be the title that will work for now, but I'm sure the more I develop this idea, the closer I'll get to the core of the story and maybe a new title (?) Either way, I hope the illustrations below can give you a glimpse of what this world looks like. Enjoy!…