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Celebrate epiphany in the truest Italian tradition!
BEFANA brings gifts to all the good children!
This year not only sweet in your socks, up to 30% discount on all the calendars and coloring books on LULU!

Coloring books:
Daring Mystery Men and Women!…
Heroes from Times Past!…
...A Walk through the Stars!…

Public Domain Encyclopedia 2016 Calendar…
Azores Landscape 2016 Calendar…
In Bloom 2016 Calendar…
Medieval France 2016 Calendar…
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The Public Domain Encyclopedia (or PDE) is a book series dedicated to the lost treasures of the Golden Age of comics that are freely available to all. No cost, no charge. The 3rd volume of the PDE is dedicated to Centaur, one of the earliest and of the most controversial American comic book publishers (1936-1942). Centaur contributed to the success of the Golden Age of comics by creating several characters that, later on, became winning archetypes of the comicdom such as Amazing-Man (by Bill Everett), Dr. Occult (by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster) and the Clock, the missing link between the pulp and comic book heroes. The book includes 3 sections: an introduction collecting a timeline of Centaur Publications and Comic Corporation of America, the 2 sister publishing companies that formed the so called “Centaur Group”. A chapter dedicated to the hows and whys of Centaur bankruptcy and an article dedicated to the controversial relationship between Funnies Inc. (the studio that contributed to the creation of the Marvel Universe in the early Forties) and Centaur, in terms of creative support.…
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Have you not yet sent your spooky Halloween cards this year? Use these to Instill the Black Terror in your foes!
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After having experimented with the Amazon digital Market, BMS is now stepping into the EPUB world. While keeping developing mobis, BMS will also create novels, game books,  illustrated and educational works, and comics that can adapt to many devices (as many as you can find on the market), exploring the endless possibilities of the EPUB2 and EPUB3 open system.

Such an approach grants us to target not only Amazon Kindle but also Kobo, IBooks of Apple, Nook and Lulu.

Our main goal is to offer the best possible reading experience and interactivity with zooming features, extra in-build contents, and links to external resources, enriching each book.
It will also be an ever-improving work both from the point of view of the contents and the code. A process in which the readers’ feedback will be essential and very welcome.

As of now, our major focus will be on products in the English language.
If you have a book in English or a comics that you would like to see published, do not hesitate to request for more info, writing us at

The first products you can find on right now are the new and improved version of Ice & Fire Legacy, now with a new special and uncensored version of chapter 2.

And TNTeam #0 for FREE.

If you like to download TNTeam #0 in pdf format you can dowload it here, in Italian too.

Ice & Fire Legacy is also available on Amazon at the following links:

TNTeam n°3: Eredità di Ghiaccio & Fuoco: Purificazione
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