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SWP Beach Party 08 flyer

Flyer for SWP's Pre-4th of July Beach Party

NOTE: This design has been ripped off countless times. DO NOT replicate, use any elements in your own work, or make derivative works from this piece. This is stealing, and a violation of creative rights. The design is also not for sale, so please don't ask. If you are interested in me designing you a custom-made flyer, contact me.
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Can i have the Psd ? please
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cant you plz credit me in your description plz
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And why would I credit someone who has blatantly stolen artwork from me? Note the submission date on the side: mine was created in 2008, yours was submitted in 2010. :/ You've even copied the way I displayed the flyer!
what font did you use?
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Wow - thats really amazing! How long did it take you? Any particular place where you got the retro star burst background (I have been looking around a lot for this)? But yeah, that poster rules, girl!
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yea i saw this flyer stolen recently on facebook. they just filled in the squares with different info. SMH!
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Hey Corinne!
Just a quick question, I hope you don't mind helping me out D: I'm kind of a noobie when it comes to photoshop, so I was wondering where did you get the brush (if it's even a brush) that says, "Pre 4th of July." Thanks!
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It's a font... I'm pretty sure it's "Arial Rounded."
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The sticker? It's not a brush; it's a shape in Photoshop.
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Sorry to bother you again, but I've been looking through photoshop and I can't seem to find the shapes D:
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Jeebies, my mistake D:
Thanks for your help!
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ohhh :O
very beautiful flyer!!! :love:
nice! ^^ :-)
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What kind of font do you use for the copyrights in this picture ?
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you inspired me
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Very very nice work !
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