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Flyer: Zombie Party

Non-Commissioned Work
Flyer for my 18th Birthday zombie party

NOTE: This design has been ripped off countless times. DO NOT replicate, use any elements in your own work, or make derivative works from this piece. This is stealing, and a violation of creative rights. The design is also not for sale, so please don't ask. If you are interested in me designing you a custom-made flyer, contact me.

See pictures from this party here!
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Hi stuckwithpins,

I am writing in reference to your awesome flyerdesign. My question about this flyer is: How you have created the black brush splashes in the left corner up and the right corner down?
I would be grateful if you would response me.

Thanks, I wish you a great day!
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Awesome Flyer, RESPECT you should sell it on Envato as an author or through paypal.  I'm sure people would pay to have this in PSD
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Hi, nice work...
what is the name of the font you used?

Thanks :D
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THANKS :) IS MY!!!!!!!!!
This is Awesome!
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Great work! What type of writing did you used?
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What font is that? :3 It's beautiful!
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Oh I love this! Good job! You must know that you cannot simply tell people not to "replicate" this design. That'd be like McDonalds telling Burger to not sell a hamburger with 2 pieces of meat or Coke telling Pepsi to not sell / create a cherry flavored soft drink. There's laws set in place for others to be competitive and do things that are similar in nature.

Anyhoot, enough politic talk. I really love this flyer design! Good Job!
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You're obviously not familiar with the word plagiarism. To take something that someone else created and exactly replicate it for the purpose of reselling it is legally and ethically wrong. There's a difference between taking inspiration from a source and completely ripping off someone else's work.
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M'am no disrespect intended. I am very familiar with this as I worked for the largest full-service automotive advertising agency in the world for over 8 years. During my employment I was repeatedly told to mimick other agencies creative work by upper management. Many times copying exactly what was presented only to change a few things.

We had a large professional legal team on staff and it is perfectly legal to imitate another graphical item, as long as you make it your own.

You say "do not use any elements in your work..." but as you can clearly see, you are indeed using a burst and badge element in your work that has been used countless times in the beginning of advertising and marketing during the Madison Avenue era.

This is a very tough subject but you must be educated around the legality of creativity. Do not be upset at me, be upset at the legislators who created the laws.

Again, no disrespect intended, it's a beautiful piece. I would feel proud of someone copying my work, but copying and selling it identically as what you have here would not be acceptable... but unfortunately there are designer out there looking to capitalize on others hard work.

Cheers and keep up the good work! You just gained a fan! :)
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I understand what you're saying, and I guess the misunderstanding is over semantics. However, this design, along with several of my others, have been replicated nearly to a tee and sold on flyer template sites. That is what my small disclaimer attempts to prevent, because astonishingly enough there are people who peruse deviantART with the belief that anything they find here is free for them to use. I share my work on this site so others can be inspired by it, but there is nothing flattering about thievery.

Anyways, thanks for appreciating my work. I didn't intend for my first comment to be so abrasive, haha.
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It is a shame that some designers copy your work only to make profits. When I worked with the agency, I would question why I was copying other agencies work, but unfortunately I just did the job. Luckily, after a few of years, I moved out of the design department and helped grow the online division of the company.

I think you have really great work!
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The font is called Dead Zone. It's not cheap and it's definitely not free. This is a great flier. The idea has been done for years. You just simply have a well balance rendition unlike most of the other copy-cats. Nicely done.
What font was used? I like it alot.
Bad Ass Flyer!
What is name this font please? :)))
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I'm having my 16th birthday party as a zombie theme.
can you send me psd file ?
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:pumpkin: Featured here: [link]
can you tell me what font did u used??
it would be great for a project of mine :P
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look at this [link]!/photo.php?fbid=102017773179263&set=a.128288233885550.14030.100001131219399

they just rip off your work
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