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Emoticon Pack: a collection of emoticons (emotes) meant for use in a messenger or on a personal website that covers a variety of different emotions.

Required emoticon themes

  • Lazy OR Flirtatious
  • Sheepish OR Mischievous
  • Speechless OR Down-trodden
  • Hurt OR Impatient
  • In Love OR Hungry
  • Evil Laugh OR TMI (Too Much Information)
  • Envy OR Greed
  • Insecure OR Grateful
  • Relieved OR Concerned
  • Wait, what?! OR OMGYESPLZ


:bulletgreen: You must select one (1) emoticon theme per pair, as listed above.

:bulletgreen:  You have to include at least five (5) original emoticons [free choice emoticons] to create a minimum total of fifteen (15) emoticons.

:bulletgreen: You cannot create any emoticons based on theme pair options that you did not choose.

:bulletgreen: There is no upper limit to the number of emoticons that you include in this pack.

:bulletgreen: It must be clear which emoticon represents which emotion, and must be stated in the artist’s comments.

:bulletgreen: You cannot manipulate or use an existing legend emote in any way.

:bulletgreen:  Emotes must be new for this contest. You are allowed to revamp one of your own emotes, provided the emote in question is older than ninety (90) days.

:bulletgreen: Collaboration pairs are  allowed, however, twice as many emotes need to be included in the pack –  All twenty (20) of the emotes listed, and ten (10) of the deviants’ choosing. It must be made clear who made which emoticons and that each deviant made half of the emotes listed in the pack (half of the options listed above and half of the free choice emotes).

:bulletgreen: Emotes can be static or animated, and packs can be one, the other, or a mix of both.

:bulletgreen: Deviants are allowed to use base packs, however they must ensure that:

     (a)the pack in use is free to use, manipulate and upload; and

     (b)the pack is credited with a link back in the artist’s comments.

:bulletgreen:  Entries must be uploaded to the Packs gallery as a zip file, with a preview image that shows all of the emoticons in the pack, including their respective animations, if applicable (can show snippets, they do not have to appear side by side). The zip file must contain .gif and/or .png files.

:bulletgreen: You have one month from the date of the contest announcement (Start date: 23:59 PST May 1st, 2012) to upload the pack and link me to the pack in a comment below (End Date: 23:59 PST June 1st, 2012).

:bulletgreen:  You are allowed to upload individual pieces of the pack (separately) in your gallery after the submission of the pack.

:bulletgreen:  You are not allowed to centre the pack around Original Characters (emoticon or otherwise) or use them in any way. The pack must be neutral  and able to be used by all.

:bulletgreen: You are allowed to enter twice; however you cannot reuse emoticons or any of  the chosen emotions represented. Each pack must be unique and cannot overlap in any way. (If one of your entries is a collaboration, you cannot redo any emoticons you personally made, or were your free choice options).

:bulletgreen: You must link your entry in the comments below.

:bulletgreen:  All entries will be collected into this folder.


First Place

:bulletgreen: 1 year premium membership

:bulletgreen: 1 emoticon bundle

Second Place

:bulletgreen: 6 months premium membership

:bulletgreen: dA addict pack


:bulletgreen: 3 months premium membership

:bulletgreen: dA accessory pack

People’s Choice

:bulletgreen: 1000 devianART points. :points:

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Used the THEMES here: [link] credited!