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:happycry: revamp

A revamp of :happycry: for ^krissi001 Revamps contest. Still not to sure on the tears, and it's been giving me issues, but I cannot fix it. I tried for like, an hour. Please forgive me.
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This feels like a happy cry. :nod: Nicely done.
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I think the position of the hand makes it a bit hard to see that he's smiling. Other than that I really like it :D
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Hmmm. I tried moving it over, but then it looked odd, you know?

Thank you. :D
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Just to let you know this emote has been featured in the latest volume of So i herd u liek emotes?? :iconlovelyemoteplz:
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Thank you so very much. :huggle:
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Haha! That's great! :D
Much better than :happycry:... :paranoid:
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You're welcome! :D
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Me gusta! So much better than :happycry:'s runny nose. c:
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I like it. Its small and simple and fits the code. I think it works a little better than the current emote (not to say :happycry: isn't good, it just doesn't fit the emotion quite the same as the old one).

I'm not sure on the tear that runs down its face on the left. It doesn't show particularly well and until i realised what it was i thought you had accidental deleted a few pixels on a frame :lol:. I didn't even spot the tear falling to the right until i zoomed in because it disappears against the grey bg. However, the simple animation on the tears under the eyes actually works well enough the droplets aren't really needed.

I'd also suggest adding in an extra frame between 18 and 19 where the hand moves one pixel right and then back in for the transition from the front to the back of the body. It seemed a little weird that the hand moved through its body.

I'm also tempted to say the pause between tear wipes should be a tad longer. It just seems a little rushed right now. I experimented a little and repeating the last 2 frames an extra 3-5 times just gave the sense of thoughfullness before a tear was wiped away.

Other than that i think it looks great. The orange body was an interesting choice but it works to give the contrast against the blue tears. the huge eyes also look great.
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I wasn't too sure on the tears myself... I deleted some of them, but I wasn't sure about all of them, because then he's not crying. But, with this background, you can't really see them, so I am going to scrap them.

The hand move is good advice, I didn't notice that. Thanks. And, currently adding more frames on the end, because, you're right. It looks sexier that way.

Thanks so much. :heart:
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Most people who happycry never cry enough for tears to fall down their cheeks. Usually the just well up and wipe them away, so what you have actually works :)
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Sounds good. :D

Thank you so much.
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