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August 15, 2011
Pocket Pixel Font by `stuck-in-suburbia -- Suggester's words: If you make stamps, small signs, or pixel-art, you know the benefit of a good, tiny font. Pocket Pixel Font is a small, easy-to-read bitmap font which is great for your project. The preview images is pure win, too.
Featured by FantasyStock
Suggested by Mirz123
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Pocket Pixel Font


A small, compact font, ideal for stamps, icons and avatars. Made on FontStruct. Check that shit out.

Please fave if you download. And comment if you use, so I can see the sexy things you get up to. :eyes:

Example of usage: People Do That? by stuck-in-suburbia

More Resources -> stuck-in-suburbia.deviantart.c…

EDIT - Um, so. A DD happened. I'm speechless right now. Thank you so much you guys. Especially `Mirz123 and `FantasyStock
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used, thank you so much!

your waifus are lesbians stamp by PallasMinerva
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So hey!
I have been using these for a while in my stamps. If you don't like it being used, then say something so I can edit them and remove it and use another font!
Some of the stamps:
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Gonna use for something later

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may use to create something
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Thanks for making this nice font. And for anyone using it: I find it looks best when used at 8px.
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Thank you for that little tip :)
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Using! I really love this fonts!

Sign In to Your Heart! LOL by Catonecca
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1-20-18 = Quotes v2

I'm using your font to test this out! Thank you<3
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Any tutorial? ;;;
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aa, will most definitely use in fure!
thank you!
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I don't know how to use this in MS Paint
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Used it here! ^^  [f2u] Boruto Stamp by nabhalim  It's perfect for stamps! <3 :la:
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hahaha Used!! perfect for my first stamp <3  ASHFUR STAMP :3 by Thistlerow
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please make sure to link my work in your deviation description, as per my terms of service.
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Sorry, I'll be sure to do that.
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