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There's this thing (here) that I wanted to help with. ProjectComment, something I've not really participated but looks amazing, is working its butt off to get stuffz done for Comment Outreach.

What is Comment Outreach?
ProjectComment's Comment Outreach aims to educate, engage and elevate the interaction with art across DeviantArt, because we know that motivating people to engage with art on a critical level is beneficial to all artists.

What can you do?
Help support Comment Outreach. Give back to the people who support you by sharing ProjectComment's mission through journals and artist descriptions in deviations using this emoticon!

You know what you must do... go out and spread thy verbage across the galleries! Hero Timez 
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I like the positivity behind the emoji. 
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omg! this looks as though it was done by the deviantart publishers! :Constructive: 
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Nevermind me, just an idiot unaware of everything going on!
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what did I do?

sorry, super late reply for unknown reasons
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This is absolutely wonderful!
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I'm working some up for this as well. Nice details in this! :clap:
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Thank you very much. I worry that I didn't put enough time into the changes. But then I realize that I'm not going to change it and stop worrying about it.
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I have so many pieces that I would do differently, but what little time for emoting that I do have is given to new stuff. I just try to remember what I wanted to do differently as I go.
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