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The Evilest in Gensokyo?

This realm isn't big enough for two supervillains!

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NOOOOO Iz this the END?!!?!??!?!?!?Waaaah! 
illuminatitriforce's avatar
I'm with reimu on this one. or with mima.
Metroid-Life's avatar
Yessssss, destroy her Mima-sama!
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:iconreimurapefaceplz: :iconsaysplz: MY BODY IS READY FOR MONEY!!!
HobbitTerraria15's avatar
YES... DESTRUCTION...RAIN IT UPON UPON GENSOKYO! oh wait wait is that not what is going to happen aww bummer
AlgaeNymph's avatar
That's a lot of money Yukari's putting up.  I've been wondering where she gets it from for a while...
ImprovmanZero's avatar
Gaps it out of banks
AlgaeNymph's avatar
I had unlaundered crime money more in mind, but she could go after banks if she felt manipulating the economy, or simply spiting the banks (and I wouldn't blame her).
StubbornVirus's avatar
Selling Outside World goods like chocolate and transistors on the black market? 
AlgaeNymph's avatar
I was thinking of Outside currency, but she would have to get Gensokyo-yen (G-Yen?) from somewhere.  The G-Yen could even be on a bimetallic standard given when Gensokyo was cut off, so Yukari could pay with easily-stolen metal.

And never mind Kit-Kats and lanthanides, Gensokyo'd need her for seafood.  Given Yukari's age and powers, importing should be like breathing to her.
StubbornVirus's avatar
I wouldn't be surprised if she had some persona she used to make ungodly amounts of money from our world, and then exchanged it into things she could sell in Gensokyo.
Last I checked you can get seafood from lakes, but yeah. There's plenty of other things that they can't make or grow in Gensokyo- metals and ores that aren't found or easily accessible there, crops that might not be happy with the climate, ideas that never occurred because the border went up before they were thought of...
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:iconreimurapefaceplz:"We've got to have...MONEY"
HikaruBaskerville-0's avatar
XD Suddenly, Mima and the PC-97 crew from mystic square (two of em anyway) xD
StubbornVirus's avatar
Story of an Eastern Wonderland, actually. 
HikaruBaskerville-0's avatar
Oh yeah...^^' -mixed up-
YangTheFeline's avatar
Now I cannot stop thinking of hearing Sakuya with Doctor Evil's voice! WELP! That's not so bad :3

But still; Looting frenzy!!
jester-147's avatar
Reimu is in money frenzy now.

TouhouCommoner's avatar
I get villain vibes from Reimu XD
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