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rivals in the same land, ones a giant the other a nobleman
some quick painting fun i forgot to upload 

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fantastic armor design on the noble
love that it isn´t just a pure peace of metal but actually has little details as well with clothes, belts, feathers, pockets and extra weapons 
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happy u noticed 
thank you 
I always look at stuff like that first because it makes designs look more realistic, authentic and believable
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I LOVE the nobleman!
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The nobleman is fantastic!!!
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damn am loving these works :D
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your fantasy stuff is amazing too!!
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cheers mate, do love me some fantasy 
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nice!! why not do somemore?
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what program do you use to make these?
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pencil paper, photoshop and ref
I believe he hand draws them then takes them into Photoshop before applying paint textures from his years of practice.
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He uses Photoshop.
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Such a Titan!!!
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I'm surprised you didn't mount an arquebus on the knight's helmet like you do with everything else.  
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