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AI robot which helps him on his dealing which he can also control remotely or by driving it by entering threw the back in a sitting back position. mite do a back sketch showing him in the unit as well.
thanks for looking

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Noticed the new copyright notice on several differente images. So NCSOFT bought the rights to the artwork and designs you had already done?
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Hey so what's the story behind the kind of military jet jagged edges and lines in the metal work and the cloth?
And when I ask this I mean does it serve a purpose beyond a cosmetic style?
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It's difficult for me to believe that these designs of yours have not been featured in any video games. God damn, if i had a penny for every time i saw artwork on deviantart that i wish was featured in a video game I would have a small fortune!
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i haven't worked on lots of games, but none of my personal stuff on here as been in any ..... yet
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every time i see the smal bumps on the armor i always think, "man if those where mini rockets that would be sooooo cool
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Did they hired you on Titanfall? Tough, I think their Titans look pretty bad compared to yours. 
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funny enough no
cheers tho
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It looks incredibly fast, man! In the future you should look into the Mech foot design, as it is right now I don't think it gives a very good stability for running and taking heavy hits.
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reminds me of the alien mech from district 9
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Awesome design man
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Daaang! As always, your work inspires and amazes
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happy it dose
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I wish I had a team like this.
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Hell, I need a cape. What would the big guy look like with a cape draped over his backpack? Super badass is the answer.
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i actually did a version like that put took it off!
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