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By StTheo
hello everyone sorry for being rubbish and not loading stuff for ages, been busy at work and life

probably the last of the helldiver experiments
more of a modern edge version as if its contemporary soldier seeing were i could go with it.

anyways cheers for looking

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VoodooDahlia's avatar
I just thought you should know - someone stole this art to use for the cover of their E-book on amazon Kindle. Link provided below -->…
stevedaman1228's avatar
It looks dope dude. The head kind of reminds me of the Specter automated infantry from Titanfall
StTheo's avatar
cheers! i did this many years before titanfall. i have been told they used the concept
stevedaman1228's avatar
Dude, thats awesome. Titanfall was a ton of fun and I thought the style of it was excellent. I'm following your profile now so keep making dope sci-fi stuff! :D
holy crap so this is where i found it i use to have this picture as my facebook profile picture and couldn't remember where . anyway this is badass to the bone and the one with the"saw" one and the cqb as well as sgt my hats to u stTheo make more dude
Corporal-Yakob's avatar
Snazzy! Looks like he just walked out of a concept art book for an MGS4 set just a bit further into the future then it already was - very cool.
SuperCJ's avatar
lost count lol
TYPHANOS's avatar
I really love your drawings and hope to be able to draw like you in the future.
StTheo's avatar
put some hard work into it and i have no doubt u will be better
TYPHANOS's avatar
Thanks for the encouragement!! :D
FoxhoundScylla's avatar
1. of all, i LOVE all your drawings. really i do. i saw this pic long time ago in google and safed it. now i found out who invented it. awesome!

may i just tell you 2 things about the pic that unfit me?

there is this knife on his chest. the tip of it would cause his arm to be sliced up if he aimed with his rifle. and his gear must weight a ton.
the stuff we got is not even half of it, but you are heavy as hell with all the gear. (bodyarmor, mags, firstaid, radio, water, pistol, mags for pistol, grenades, flares, lightsticks, helmet, combatshirt, combatpants, binos, nightvision, survivalgear, armyboots.) perhaps i forgot something on this list, but when i take a step in this, i feel like being 150kg heavy. imagine how heavy the armorplates all over his body must be. (if they arent superlightweight of corse)

ANYHOE, great work! keep it up and stay safe.
StTheo's avatar
I fully agree on all your points mate. Although i did think of this guy having a servo rig to help with movement and weight, i did take libertys with some style and design options. Cheers for the feedback bud
I always imagined that the exoskeleton was hidden under the pants to protect it from dust, shrapnel,etc.
FoxhoundScylla's avatar
so to say some kind of exoskeleton? doubleawesome!
in that case, forget what i stated, the pic is great!
StTheo's avatar
Yea kind of, u made a good point so thanks!
Kratosismad's avatar
I like this version. I can really see it in a game. Squad-based of course.
not really sure how to report someone on this but I instantly recognised your work in this guys gallery.

seems like this person is passing peoples work off as their own.

StTheo's avatar
thanks for letting me know mate
Ceretaker's avatar
"lost count" hahahahahaha, its amazing to be awesome and be aware of it, after a long and hard working day its good to see some humorous and cool picures like this, thanks for making my day, great design, loved it as much as the others ive seen and hope to see even better, no doubt i will, keep on the good job.
StTheo's avatar
Happy it bought a smile to some people cheers
Cassiel616's avatar
Great design on those helldivers!
One thing about this one: he's holding one finger off the trigger, but the second and third look like on the trigger instead on the grip?
Btw - the helmet design reminds me a bit of those from Steam game: Blacklight Retribution: [link] - check it out - the game is quite nice and f2p :)
StTheo's avatar
thanks for the feedback !
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