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some more spare time stuff

the idea was the guy on the left is a smuggler and stole a nasa deffence unit, reprogrammed the unit and is now his righthand man in all his dealings and mishaps

 cheers for looking

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I love that unsaturated palette. Nice.
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OBJECTION!!! It looks like that kangaroo-looking white goat-horned thing that Luke was riding in Star Wars!
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There's so many dsimilar designs on web. A new direction in cyber punk?
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i try to stay away from it tbh, been doing this personal stuff for a while
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Nasa Defense Unit?

Did Nasa have to defend itself from lockheed-martin assault or something?
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I just had an idea. A giant space station that is manned by both human astronauts and these NASA Defense Units and the Rover thing you drew.
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I'd love to see these in action poses :D
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Mate you're skills are insane! I wish I could do that
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some hard work and practice and you can
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NASA must be launching warships and classified tech into space if they have units like those for security.
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Care if I incorporate this idea into a mini series oh great and talented St. Theo?

StTheo's avatar… this is the link to the CGI scene I just did for it.
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a guy and his robot buddy. :D
amazing designs again.
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Main characters for a book right there. 
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nasa is still in business ? lol great work as always man
StTheo's avatar
always will be ahaha
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I love seeing your people and your machines side by side! Super cool little character story!
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