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July 10, 2010
In the emperors light by ~StTheo Suggester says:"This piece just left me speechless!" Full of magnificent detail, perfect composition and colors - it's just awesome.
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In the emperors light

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SlyFlySpyGuy's avatar
For the Emperor!
Any chance that you will ever release a higher resolution of this? I'd pay serious cash to have it as a print...
StTheo's avatar
I can't buddie I don't own the warhammer ip
Ah, that's right...I forgot about IP laws n stuf....and lord knows GW is a real stickler about there a higher resolution of that anywhere though? I'd really like it as a desktop background, at least, even if it had a watermark, but I can understand...anyway dude, they're awesome paintings. I think they really capture the spirit of not only the 40k universe, but also emulate the oil-painted feel of the Old Masters depicting historical events and battles. Nod 
VoughtVindicator's avatar
Lol, artist cameo right underneath the Titan
StTheo's avatar
BogarTRuleS's avatar
OMG This is just the bomb mate
mikedragonUSA's avatar
best work of all time
Lord-Kothless's avatar
Is the Emperor standing WAAAAY up top on the Titan?
StTheo's avatar
could be? i duno to be honest haha
GunNUTcmc's avatar
Emperor beats ass
TyrArgon's avatar
holy f*cking gods of chaos. this is...AMAZING
AsmodeusKarr's avatar
this might simply be the best piece of 40k fanart ever
acolight's avatar
I'd really like to buy a print of this!
The-Rogue-Scarecrow's avatar
War Hammer 40k concept! Awesome!!!!
Deathnaut95's avatar
Thats too much detail for human eyes *lol* but awesome anyway XDXDXD
AceWarren's avatar
masdabboy's avatar
Knight-Of-God's avatar
0_0.....**stops breathing from too much epicness** GASP!!! Amazing though! Amazing!
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