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i drew this guy out before wanted to make it in 3d…
for the 05 bughunter world 

thanks for looking 
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Bots were usually made to be around the size of a human, otherwise it was a human piloting the huge hunk of metal. However, even in a mech, movement was never truly fluid. It was always somewhat clunky. However, the audacious idea to put an AI at the helm of this monstrous behemoth was met with large amounts of skepticism. Early testing, however, proved those speculations to be false. And so, the Hound units swarm battlefields today, stomping bugs to big for humans to handle.
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I've been trying to figure out those shoulder and hip joints for a while now. Can they actually abduct/move away from the midline of the body? I've been trying to reproduce it on the company's CAD workstation, but I can never get it right. The arms especially; they always seem to collide with the hips.

It's actually a pretty clever shoulder design. With that wide joint, you can bolt on all sorts of stuff without too much interference.
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the shoulders are wider than the hips if thats what u mean? the shoulders go into the clavicle giving more space to move. i made this in 3d so its great your doing it in cad! 
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Love the modular concept! 

I hope to see more of this...
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hopefully do more!
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looks like someting i can build with lego. 
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oh snap!!! that is just awesome!!!
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If these become figures with joints and a reasonable price I will buy 100%
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If you made models even close to 30mm I would be so broke from buying models.  I know I said it before but all your stuff is still so cool.
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hahaha, that be ace 
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I am sure you would like people basically throwing money at you for your work.  Well just about anyone would come to think of it.  And Shapeway can let that happen.
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:drool: Dude... so good! 
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Damn dude, these only keep getting better! Love every bit of it
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The full sprint still frame is funny and cool
"Good Heavens, some body requires a big robot with a gun, I must be off!"
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it dose make me smile 
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