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I'm loving the arms. It looks like he has shotgun gauntlets. 
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This is just pure badassery.. that coat is so going with his helm and armor skeleton.
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I like the hammerhead style helm 
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You make the helmets/heads somehow iconic in their own way. The triangular shape must be why?
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spose been doing it for years, kind of a signature of mine
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Are they human or robot
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I love this so much. The arms, legs and coat really give me a very "Adam Jensen" feel.
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i see what you mean


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Ah wow this is amazing x10^(999999)
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How do they look like inside the helmet?
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hud system linked to external cameras
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So they ain't organic?
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Why hasn't this been made into a game, ITS GREAT!
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I've really liked all these "triangle head" character concepts throughout your gallery, but this one tops them all in my book. The duster really adds a wonderfully human element to an otherwise faceless, soulless appearance. As a prop builder and costumer maker, they really appeal to me because the character designs really "break the mold" in terms of other contemporary designs. I don't know if these are from any specific universe or title (book, video game, etc.), but the aesthetic theme you've set up among them really flows well. Great job!
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He looks like the love-child of Adam Jensen and a drone of some sort.
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if this was a main character of a video game i would play it to death
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but then again, i play anything
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I love this, dude :)
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