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im selling three icons for 10 points 
if you are interested  please note me about what you want 
this icons even doh they are made by me, you can use them as a gift but you need to say it was made by me.



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all hail lord helix
Omanyte by pokemon3dsprites
AMAC -Pinkie Pie by MajkaShinoda626 ATAO -Rarity -Art Status by MajkaShinoda626 RAO -Art Status -Sunset Shimmer by MajkaShinoda626
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(i know im lame)

real life friends

:iconchaosdoomwolf: :iconuniverserider12: :iconfrodogamer: :iconpusheenkawaii18:

:iconchaosdarkdoomwolf: :icondrakeusdragon: :iconchaoswolfwolves:

some work of mine :

Random Ship Familly 2 by SttarrDays10 Random Ship Familly 2
just a cute pick of one of my fav ships by SttarrDays10 just a cute pick of one of my fav ships
Putrefact pony oc by SttarrDays10 Putrefact pony oc
Cheris by SttarrDays10 Cheris

UT US UF Cheri gif (f2u) by SttarrDays10 Cat gif (f2u) by SttarrDays10 Alex gif (f2u) by SttarrDays10 artic wind gif f2u by SttarrDays10
purple gif f2u by SttarrDays10 Boo! (f2u) by SttarrDays10


Glaceon by pokemon3dsprites Lucario by pokemon3dsprites Mega Lucario by pokemon3dsprites Zoroark by pokemon3dsprites
Charizard by pokemon3dsprites Mega Charizard X by pokemon3dsprites
Primarina 730 by pokemon3dsprites Lapras by pokemon3dsprites

Yay! here's where I get personal!
-Im 13 years old (I was 10 when I created this account)
-Imma female, call me she/her
-My name is not Loren but I like keeping my name a secret for now
-Im an originally spanish speaking person
-Im from Uruguay
-Im probabbly asexual
-I love kpop... Here are some bands I hear: Vixx, BTS, Seventeen, Day6, NCT 127,BIG BANG, Got 7, Monsta X , etc.
-Im into anime and otaku stuff
-Im terrible in maths
-Im the best in my English class
-My main OC is Called Akiko
-I hate asmr
-I like slime but I hate the sounds
-Kim TaeHyung Is bias as well as: GD, Ken, Mark and Yuta
-Imma Dragalia lost fan and FEH fan
Hi, im loren creator of olchiies !
i will teach you how to make an oc of olchiies!
Story: so basically i was once at my school class drawing a face and i made a line dividing the face and i painted a side black and the other one stayed white an i continued dooing the character and it turned on being Mai the protagonist in my case buuuut anyways lets stop talking about me and lets start the oc guide.

Step one: 
firts of all think on an animal anyone . you need to have prepared how you want the black and white colors to be separed they can be like : Plain black 16x16 block Plain white 16x16 block , Plain white 16x16 block Plain black 16x16 block 
Step two: 
Choose a great name and an animal to make your character. Then draw it! be sure to add creativity and a great look!
Step three: 
add a back story. Be sure to add all the information needed like: parents, age , birth month , species , likes  & dislikes , crush/love status/significant other.
Step four:
enjoy your oc! 

Story of olchiies: 
they are an other world species, wich imitates animals and peolple from earth because they are so fasinated with them. in this world a girl called mai one day was wondering at his grandpa old stuff and... finded lost of pictures of creatures filled with colors! 
She desided to ask her father and he told her " well.. those are humans, creatures from really distant planet" after that mai desided to make a research about them, but she can not do it alone. would you help her?


no one asked. also update to my character 
WOOOOOOO!!! i just twisted my right wrist and I cant write, either draw! life is awsome! 
Im just trying to kepp my account alive by posting this things from time to time. I actually got my phone and electronics removed por having low grades on maths... so uh yeah dont expect much of this dead account
Idk, i feel like I have left deviant art behind.
So here's Akechi, a new charcter from a new "series" im working on. So here you have. Im not dead
Im not dead. I've been pretty bussy with school and stuff but  I'm pretty sure that around december or (something like that) I will be posting at least 1 picture per week
p.s there's also a lot coming a LOT .



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celiare Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2017  Student Digital Artist
hi! can i get a request? if u have time, thanks 
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sure, what would you want?
celiare Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2017  Student Digital Artist
can you please draw her Milkshake Fluff(oc) c:
SttarrDays10 Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2017
it might be done for tomorrow
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I am trash~!
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