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I haven't really drawn or painted anything 'normal' but I do Magic: The Gathering alters and I also sell them. I created a page so people could see some of the work I do. There are alters I do not post here on Deviant Art as I don't want to flood it with alters. Feel free to visit and if you like what I do you can follow or like. 

I'd like to thank those who bought altered cards from me thus supporting me and helping me survive here in this world.
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I don't have a job and I'm trying to earn some money by selling cards, painting miniatures, doing magic alters and lately I can actually do a custom play mats as well. So if anyone would be interested in something from me you can send ask me about it.

Use this email address - stsungjp[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]jp

Write there would would you like me to do and I'll send you a reply. I usually do it this way...

Someone asks me to do something (chooses a card to alter). I say if I'm ok with that and state the price (10USD). If it is something simple or less colorful the price is lower. Then I do it, show it to the person and if he likes it he can buy it. If not I keep the card and alter. (as the card is usually originally mine). That's how I'd like to continue in this. I don't want any dissatisfied people. I don't want to impose myself or anything. I like doing this, I know that I'm not perfect and I can hardly match the skill of many other artists.

As for the custom playmats. I don't know where my skill is. I know that creating manga style drawing is actually something I can do. If you would be interested in something like this let me know. The price I would imagine is something around 80-100USD. But well it all depends on many factors. Also if you don't like the final product, you don't need to buy it.
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I graduated and became Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) and with this school time ends. Now I need a job (that I actually have), some free time so I could earn more money (I don't have it) and some free time so I could still do what I like (difficult). I'm not happy at all with my life right now and might not be for quite some time. There are so many things that need to change.

In the near future I'd like to improve at drawing and painting but it takes ages and my 'art' is still not entirely satisfying. I bought some copic markers and I'd like to get more colors later. I'm experimenting with these. I really like copics. It looks so beautiful! My little challenge is to create a custom a Magic: The Gathering play mat (I already have a draft of it).
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Last month or the one before? I started to produce some work that might be different in technique and style. I do this for school to discover new techniques, to figure out how painting/drawing/color matching etc work. Via all this I should learn a lot about anything I do and would like to do in the future.

The work will most probably be Magic/fantasy/anime/manga/games etc related but it's more about the process. By the end of the semester I should be prepared to work on my own project that I would later exhibit. For the time being I'm trying to find out what my project should be about and what I would like to do.

Not all of my work is shown here, only the one I spend more time and don't really use as experiment even though everything is an experiment trying to answer me one or more questions.

So if you'd like to comment on that, feel free to criticize my work and help me in becoming better in drawing/painting.

The work done for school and why I did that particular piece.

Celica Mizushiro - figuring out the shading
S'Tsung playing legacy - figuring out the perspective, how one actually draws something in space
Magic: The Gathering - trying to figure out how to do macro photos the way I want, comparing intent with Pro Tour Paris
Pro Tour Paris - what difference makes intent and presentation when taking a photo?
Desolation Angel - drawing that should show some kind of emotion by pose, experiments with shading
Trinket Mage - tried to paint an object on a magic card. figuring out how to do more detailed work and good looking one. it should look like the sensei's divining top afterall
Elf Warrior sketch - drawing a character and shading part1
Sensei's Divining Top - how big role plays a base coat? can bright color still be as bright on the base coat?
Elesh Norn sketch - I did not finish this, this should be painted in shades of grey and shades of red. I should start only in BW and then add the shades of red (upcoming)
L5R personalities (Mantis, Unicorn, Dragon) - Trying to figure out how to make a painting cohesive, working with colors => less the better
Game Store Outpost - learning a bit about 3dsmax, animation and scripting
Kenshin - movement in a drawing
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Hello everyone,

I decided to do some work on my DeviantArt page. I created subcategories and added some new deviations.  I joined one Magic: The Gathering group where some of my works might be found.

For a long time my gallery was a real mess and it never really offered anything worth posting here. But lately I produced some works that actually might interest some people. As my deviations really differ in style/media etc I decided to group them somehow. So now you have 3d, drawings/paintings, Vector art etc. There are still many deviations I would not want to present or those that don't really fall into any of these groups. Sooner or later this might change.

So enjoy your stay on my site and if you have anything to say (critique for example) you are welcome to post a comment.

Have fun!
Well, there have been several Magic periods in my life and one of them started with the release of Conflux and that is also where I started something completely new to me.

Someone just said that it would be nice if I could try to alter
some of the Magic cards. So I bought some basic acrylic paints, a brush and tried my best.

I realized that with some experience I can actually do this and progress in it. Painting on a little surface is surely something new to me but it taught me a lot already. It seems that my view on some elements changed and it helped me when drawing. I hope I can progress more so one day my drawings/paintings will look good and people will like them^^.

I became a member of Czech club so maybe some more people will discover my drawings/costumes etc. I hope that at least some of them will like my work^_^.

Anyway I spent the last month sewing my Hihumi cosplay costume and now I spent some time on Yuna's costume as well.

I also tried to draw some trees and backgrounds but as it does not look good at all I decided not putting it here. Maybe in the future I will find out how to draw something looking actually as a tree or a forest^_^. I envy you all who know how to draw or paint...
Hi everyone,
welcome to my gallery and feel free to comment or send me messages.

There's not much in these journal entries as you can see. I never managed to update the journal. (I keep updating my blog but not this site)

Anyway, something about me. I'm 21. I live in Prague with my boyfriend. I like fantasy and science fiction. I like martial arts, playing the piano, drawing, playing Magic: The Gathering and other card games, RPGs...etc.
I'm a person who knows a  lot about a lot of things. I'm someone who traveled all around the world. I experienced a lot of situations and met a lot of foreign people.
You may think that this is normal for everybody but it isn't. If you think that you already experienced a lot and that it already gave you something...then treasure this feeling and continue doing this. It is something which enriches us and defines us. It is something precious and something which makes us different from other people...

Present: I still like all of the things I stated above or somewhere on my profile page...but I seem not to "find myself" and find what I  really want.
Nowadays I work, but I will quit. I will have to find me another work to do. But I don't know how things can continue on.
I will try something else out but who knows if I can stay there?
I'm trying to finish the first part of the first year at our university. I have to manage 3 tests and I'm not really sure about them-_-
I've got 13 credits so far and I still need at least 2 more. ...

My parents came to the Czech Republic to spend the Christmas with me and my sister. But it's not joyful as many people could think. I hate Christmas...really the worst holiday at all.

My boyfriend is with his own family so I'm not sure if he arrives to our family. -_-
Also, I've got a new look^_^ I've got blond meshes in my hair and I bought new earrings  (long silver ones..)...I should make a photo of me, huh?
I finished all exams at school and then I moved to the Czech Republic. Here I had to pass czech examination. I had to do a lot of paperwork so I could be accepted to Czech university.
I was finally accepted at Czech High Technical Studies.  I wonder if I will be able to follow^_~ (after three years in Beglian school not doing much...)
My boyfriend stays with me and it's quite difficult. He's stays up at night and sleeps till afternoon. I CAN'T do that.
Not to mention what he eats...junk food and he drinks coke or something else with so much sugar in it that I can't even see that.
As you can see I started to draw again and model little bit. At least I've done something more productive than playing Dance Dance Revolution/In The Groove and other BEMANI games.

/me is pretty depressed...but that also means creative. I made several models and some pictures. Well, on picture which is not here is at my private gallery.
I have hard time now at school but I try to survive it. ...I HAVE TOO. I decided to change the way journals are written. At first I wanted to write here what is in my blog, but that's quite difficult and I think that no one actually reads it.

So I will try to post here something about how or why I drew/modelled my new pics...

UPDATES: several new pics. As I have a lot do to for school and especially for french I end up playing with models in 3d studio max (as I hate writing papers, especially for french).  It took me quite a long while to install 3d studio max. My hard drive died several weaks ago and I lost all my precious data. I miss my Tian  Tsung model..*crying* -_- and I miss also 3d studio max 7.
Finally I was saved as I found my original (<- not kidding) 3d studio max 6 cd so I installed it. It works but 3ds max 7 is better^_~.  

First think I did at 3d studio max was a planet, several asteroids and other stars etc..just to remember how to use that program...I forgot..everything...I couldn't even find timeline and effects I used to explode spaceships. (...grr bad memory..) also finding how to draw lines/curves was difficult...not sure if it is the same in each version of 3ds max.

At first I started to model a landscape. I ended up with some mars looking land and a night sky. But I didn't like the idea. After several hours of work I decided to delete that scene and I downloaded Terragen (whatever version..but it was looking completely (not that completely) different from the last version I used).
I played a bit with it and my first picture was there. As always small things take most of the time. So trying to figure out how to make sunbeams took me more hours than doing the terrain.  

another picture is blbustka2. That an abstract object...well I just didn't know what I could do in 3d max I was just playing with basic objects (<- replace by the right word). Then I finished it in photoshop.

Last model is DDR EXT/DS EM2 arcade. Well, this wasn't supposed to be anything at all. I usually delete all my attemps...but after actually mapping this crazy thing I had to post it it took me a lot of time...I wasn't content with the result. But as it seems it's NOT AS THAT BAD. (also that blur effect on my textures was not good idea...). But I discovered one thing..I haven't used it but I discovered...the magic I can use to create metallic look or realistic hair (and lightning effects). Also found out that lightning effects should be added to the scene..but hey I'm too lazy. Maybe next time...I'm also lazy to change that Dancing Stage Logo also...and that is a question of changing a texture and pressing F9.....*lazy*

in photoshop..I draw Hikaru-kun. Just tried to draw a realistic/japanese looking in my private gallery...not sure if I should post it here.
I spent pretty nice time with Zupertails, Queenie and Boe_Boe in De Carrousel. Thank you guys! We have to do this more often.

Well, I have nothing more to say..-_-..
Holidays! I could say. Avalcon was held in Chotebor. I spent nice ten days there. We were trying to show DDR to as many people possible and I think we actually achieved showing it to many people. I also won a second place in a Miss  "competition". (me singing? dancing? speaking to the public?...)
This year Worldcon was held in Europe! So I bought myself a membership, plane ticket and I was waiting till the convention begins. There were several problems. I couldn't pay my own membership because I cannot pay via internet with my credit card so I payed with my father's credit card. But only a card holder could be a new member so I had to transfer the membership after the payment was processed. I was abroad so I didn't know if the payment was ok or no...Several days later...someone called me that my flight was cancelled. Fortunately I could fly to Edinburgh (but getting to Glasgow without any help is crazy and expensive..grr)
But when I finally got there I was nicely surprised. It is the best organized convention I've ever been to, there were nice people, good panel discussions and other stuff. I was pleased...It cost me a fortune but it was worth it.
When I came back I was ill and my father told me that I have a French exam next month...grr..So I had to start studying (won't help though)...-_-.
I spend my holidays by playing 3DDX and DDR, propagating these games, taking part in conventions and organizing DDR blocs...It's fun...^_~
Well, TG was a real experience. You can't imagine more than 5000 computers connected via LAN. All those people there, the atmosphere...It was really nice.
Well I will write more later.
8-JAN-2005 Köln Germany
I was invited to go to a vierpfeile DDR meeting. I went to Köln to play DDR for the first time on a machine. It was really cool. I met so many DDR players...(about twenty?). DDRNL players are good and Vierpfeile as well.

Photos can be found at

13-FEB-2005 Mons Belgium
Belgium has its own DDR machine (the one, which was formerly in Paris) . It's located in Mons (god forsaken place). One game costs 2EUR which is really a horrible price. But we managed to get some free credits. I enjoyed playing there, I Ad everyting I got several AAs and full comboes. It's a pitty I didn't take pictures of my results. I could have posted them at bemanieurope's internet ranking system.

Photos can be found at…

19-FEB-2005 Mouscron Belgium
Belgian Tournament in Mouscron (Qualification for European Cup in Norway). I participated, my results were bad and I'm waiting for the final results. We will see who will qualificate for the European Championship.
The winner is Lu. I was the second. -_-

Photos can be found at…

NOTE: the tournament was claimed invalid. The representant of Belgium was chosem by M-Games. His name is Eric.
I'm also going to Norway.

5-MAR-2005 Glanerie
I went to ClubGames to play Para Para Paradise for the first time in my life. I found out that it's not that easy to Para Para dance. Because when you swoosh your hands in different heights it doesn't take the movement. Maybe it's my inexperience or it is the problem of the senzors. But to play 'freestyle' is quite fun and is easier...I though Tora Tora Tora routine would kill me but I actually Ad the song and it wasn't that bad looking. I was also playing DDR to warm me up (it's so cold there...).
Tekken 5 was there for the first time. So I decided to play and I have beaten everyone there. One of the boys said...'hey, that's the first girl who knows how to play Tekken..'. And I was going easy on them...^_~ But I got bad luck in the tournament. Next time I will warm my fingers and them I will beat them ALL!

photos also available but I forgot where...^_~...

23-28-MAR-2005 Hamar Norway
The biggest LAN party in the world and the European Cup in Dance Dance Revolution! Let's see how I will end/survive. ^_^
New journal entries are submitted as a edit to an already written journal entry (if the topic is the same). That's why I write each time a date ok?.
5/12 Tomorrow I have first exam to pass. It won't be a problem I think (English). But I already feel down because of other exams (especially French, Geography and Biology)...
It's quite a lot to learn and I don't know where to's impossible for me to pass...-_- I don't have much time and I'm ill (which is not good...).
I continue complaining about exams in this journal....

8/12 I survived part of English and Dutch exams (more difficult part awaits me). Today I got French examination. It was difficult...-_-...
I did a 1/4 summary of geography for friday and a bit of maths(tomorrow..)...grr...that's gonna be terrible...-_- and I haven't even started Biology..(70pgs)...And in one hour I have three hours of french lesson...

9/12 Ha first part of Maths examination was easy...^_~ I got some problems with the sencond part of it-_-. Still I should have more than 75% correct. Tomorrow I'm going to die...(Geography + Biology) I haven't started to study yet....
Few hours after I read what I should know and I don't have energy to start over^_^. I hope it will be ok tomorrow (I have already very good marks for those my exams should be also 'very good' -_-)...
BTW: I discovered a new game. TechnoMotion! I played de TM8-directions mode and it's fun. For some screenshots or info in czech see

10/12 Biology passed, Geography also (quite difficult..-_-). My sister comes tomorrow...^_^ I will have to tidy up. You don't know how I'm happy I've already had those two examinations...
But I'm starting to be afraid...(one disertation and a poem to write...oh no..)

16/12 English, Dutch, Physics and religion are behind me...
Tomorrow is the last day. The worst day. History and chemistry...

17/12 Hehe now I'm finally free! At least for several days.

21/12 There are other thing, which are starting to bother least those two 'things' I have to write for French..I'll be damned...-_- I don't even have gifts for my family....-_- oh no...and I have to stay at home and help make cookies...grrr...Not even 3DDX works...(no DDR...also...-_-)
Depressed as always...-_-

Haha I passed everything except French...haha
22/11/04 I still have problems with French and for that a teacher wants me to write something in French. Today I started it seems a French mutation of Czech-DDR will be born.

I also passed Sakura on maniac and I got A (finaly)!

We'll see what the prof will say about my those two texts...
20/11/04 Plan for this day was: got to Club Games and play DDR.
I woke at about 8am. I felt really bad but I said will pass (have to!). I also needed credit for my mobile but the phonebooth near my house didn't work. I decided to try the one at the train station. I got there and it worked. I got my 15EUR credit from my debit card. Then I went to the platform to get my train. The train didn't arrive on time. After fifteen minutes the train arrived (and I had to get to another platform).  I needed to catch train in Brussels to Tournai...But normally there's ten minutes between those I missed the train. (I think I would miss it even though I would be there on time...because from that train station trains leave almost everywhere in Europe...).
So I waited another hour. There was some russian guy who wanted to flirt with I was quite upset... I survived that hour and almost frozen I boarded my train. After 56 minutes I arrived in Tournai, my destination. I met Ludovic and some other guy who took me to Club Games in Glanerie.
I was taken to a room with DDR. I have to say that my first time on DDR hard pad was quite bad.  Catas I pass with AA I passed just with B-_-.  There was also problem with freezes...(but now I found out it wasn't my fault but the pads fault..). But still I enjoyed playing there...I also tried Karaoke Revolution USA version vol. 2 and 3. I know about three songs from each DVD which is not good but it was fun. The only song I knew...was baby one more time and I got 48877 points from 50000 (on easy).
I decided to visit that place again. Next time I will try to take Karaoke Revolution JP version and sing songs I know...and which I like. And I will have to get used to that hard pad...! I can't stand those Bs! grrr-_-
I went to sleep about if that what is written here doesn't make sense to you it's because of lack of sleep.
22/11/04 Looks like Karaoke Revolution JP version is nowhere to be found...-_-
28/11/04 Today I was in ClubGames and I played DDR for about five hours. I got used to the platform a bit and I started to get As on catas. I also almost passed Max300. (to arrows and I would pass...-_-). Now I feel prepared to try to participate in a competition.
15/11/04 Halfling from DDRNL told me that there is a DDR club in Belgium. I couldn't believe my eyes. I contacted those guys and they seem nice to me. Now, I'm looking forward to go to the club and play DDR with them. Hope it will become reality. (this saturday I hope...if my body is able to move...)
Also my text about DDR in French was published so that it is an honor for me. (…)
PS: some pictures will be added so you can understand the text better.
12-13/11/04 Few days ago I was proposed to Dungeon Master one group. I said yes, but I hoped it would be someone else who would DM (I don't speak so well French to DM! I have no idea how to say 'Greetings' nor 'hit points' in French.)
But I got there. I took just my dice, paper and pencil. I still hoped I would evade my fate (DMing), but there wasn't any other DM so I said ok...I will try to DM. I proposed that we would play my high level campaign (8-14LVL) and that we would stop when the game would be stucked. Fortunately my DMing went quite well. One player was actually able to translate words I didn't know from English to French. I solved the rest of problems with my hands (mimic..etc.). It was fun, players weren't so nul  as they seemed and were actually having fun. That pleased me a lot and gave me quite a lot of energy to continue until 6am.  It's a pity I couldn't describe the places better and situations better...but overally it was good. Players were contented and me also^_^