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To-Do List / Commissions of Others

To Do List:

Please read this before you comment on my page. Failure to do so will result in spam marking. Continuing to ignore and pestering me will result in blocking.




DO NOT TALK TO ME THROUGH NOTE!!! I want to keep my notes clean and organized for commissions, requests, trades, etc. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Art Trades




Rindshaw, Rito Adventurer

Done by R-no71

A Rito known for his many chronicles and adventures all over the land of Hyrule.

Home: Rito Village, Tabantha Province of Hyrule

Preferred Weapon: Custom Feathered Edge (2X)

Hobbies: Adventurer, Fighter, Historian


Orange-Reese-Peanut-butter-M-and-Ms-Pudding by CuteyTCat Star-Rain-Pudding by CuteyTCat
Artwork and GIFS shown on this page by:

Profile Icon done by KJDragon70

Team Strykeforce Animation GIFs, and Cyber GIFS done by R-no71

Pixel Icons done by MisterRgbPixels

Ring ID's done by DredgeTH

Profile Picture Busts, Strykindsey, Shardina, Bursteina, and Danorbin Busts done by CNWgraphis

Sonic Heroes Team Logos done by shadyever

Strykindsey Banner done by Shadatanish-Divine

Lindsey and Nina Page Doll done by VI-X

Stryke and Lindsey Pudding animation done by CuteyTCat

Stryke Sonic Battle GIF Done by ZKCats

Sonic Zeroes Gif done by F0XBIT

Sonic Zeroes Eye set done by Delphianaca

Sonic Zeroes comic book cover done by Tale-Dude

Friends and Inspirations

These are the people who make coming to this site fun for me. Friends and Inspirations alike!

:iconsirburnout::iconnamineri: :iconsonar15: :iconf0xbit: :icongodzillasonictitan: :iconsaphira24667: :iconneroflare: :iconkjdragon70: :iconhanasekoi: :iconteslarossa: :iconedgetenebris: :icondredgeth: :iconarkus0: :iconfayelenefyre: :iconblazingstaro: :iconvoxtum: :iconpur3v4nity: :iconpsyaraart: :icongravitatingenigma: :icontwistedlunar: :icondenny-art13: :iconmikejmurdock: :iconraidminer: :iconm1tchi3du5k: :iconladysaitama: :iconsonniejaye: :icontale-dude: :iconpokiisu: :iconpinkiteru: :iconabsolutedream: :iconz4ya: :iconcnwgraphis: :iconhavocgirl: :iconofficial-stargazer: :iconxxpurplehedgiexx: :iconvillyvalley16: :iconbluecean: :iconmewjikai: :iconcolleenekat: :iconthats-the-black-blur: :icondorkeus: :iconkissthethunder: :iconnxgnetwork: :iconchipthehedgehog: :icongg-the-artist: :iconv-16: :iconscittykitty: :icongenisay: :iconchevd:
List keeps growing everyday.



:icontoystars: needs some help. See their recent poll for more info.
Also letting you know I am off of hiatus as of now. Art should be coming soon!
Will be going on hiatus for a little while. I’ll be back soon.

Also to those of you that I owe an AT to, I am so sorry for taking so long and will do what I can to get them done.

Also AT’s are closed still so DO NOT ASK!



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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Gamer. Wannabe Artist. Wrestling Fan. Nuff Said.


Welcome to my page. Hope you enjoy what you see. Take a look around and please remember to read my To-Do list for any info about Art Trades and Requests. PLEASE DON'T ASK FIRST!


Sonic Zeroes

:iconsaphira24667: :iconsonar15: :iconf0xbit: :iconstrykeforce2005: :iconneroflare: :icongodzillasonictitan: :iconnamineri: :iconsirburnout: :iconkjdragon70: :iconblossom-fur7: :iconpanrill: :iconarkus0:

Team Strykeforce


5000 years ago, a group of mysterious warriors were granted with the power to control the elements that make up our world. They would become defenders of nature and ensure balance and harmony of each element. Their powers would be put to the test when they faced the forces of darkness threatening to disrupt that balance. To ensure that the darkness would not cause such a catastrophe again. The seven would pass their powers on to the next generation. However, over time the families would begin to mysteriously disappear and the Elementals lost...until now.

Team Strykeforce is the newest holders of the seven Elementals as well as Korbin, who despite her lack of Elemental Abilities, has earned her place in the team. The 8 members are split into 2 4-man teams, Lead by the brothers Stryke the Hedgehog and Shard the Porcupine.

Team Firestorm:
Team Firestorm consists of Team Strykeforce De Facto Leader Stryke the Hedgehog, his girlfriend Lindsey the Monkey, and adopted brothers Burst the Scorpion and Pogo the Kangaroo. The team is the more adventurous of the eight and tends to find many friends and allies.

Age: 14 (Segaverse/Boomverse); 16 (Archieverse)
Element: Electricity
The heroic leader of Team Strykeforce and a master of electricity. Leader of The Sonic Zeroes Freedom Fighter Squad.

Age: 14 (Segaverse/Boomverse); 16 (Archieverse)
Element: Water
Headstrong and gifted gymnast and mistress of water. Girlfriend of Stryke the Hedgehog.

Age: 15 (Segaverse/Boomverse); 17 (Archieverse)
Element: Fire
Fiery mechanic and brash brawler.

Age: 10 (Segaverse/Boomverse); 12 (Archieverse)
Element: Air
Mischievious prankster and daredevil of air.

Team Terrafrost
Shard leads Team TerraFrost. Consisting of his love interest Nina the Tanooki, Prince Tecton the Triceratops, and Shard's companion Korbin, Shard and his friends are skilled in weapons based combat and are the more tactical of the 8.

Age: 13 (Segaverse/Boomverse); 15 (Archieverse)
Element: Ice
Icy swordsman and the brother of Stryke the Hedgehog.

Age: 13 (Segaverse/Boomverse); 15 (Archieverse)
Element: Nature
Mistress of disguise and illusion and nature lover.

Age: 18 (Segaverse/Boomverse); 20 (Archieverse)
Element: Earth
Crown prince of the Cretaceans and master of hand to hand combat.

Age: 2 (Original Age); 12 (Mobian Form) (Segaverse/Boomverse); 14 (Archieverse)
Shard's pet companion transformed into a mobian by an experiment. Uses raw instincts and problem solving skills.

Other Characters:

Reina the Crab

Recept the Vampire Bat


Team Firestorm




Team Waterlily




Team TerraFrost





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