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Mouth On Fire by struckdumb Mouth On Fire by struckdumb
Razzles never knew just how the selfless urgh-bane spent his final moments; he wouldn't have known even if it had happened right before him since he had decided that closing his eyes and pulling his hat over his face was the safest course of action. Through the fabric of his hat he noticed something strange though, a smell… Something smelt different… Smoke? Was that smoke that he could smell? Peeping his real eye out from the safety of his hat he saw that the monstrous head had ceased descending and a wispy trail of grey issued from the cavern of its mouth. Smoke! It was indeed smoke, growing denser with each moment. Then to his horror there was burgeoning fire deep in the throat and billowing up toward… Toward him! The sound of untold numbers of screaming birds and thrashing wings could be heard as Razzles gazed on open-mouthed. Dense black smoke began to fill the air rising to form a lingering cloud about the head of the giant.
"Grimmbros? Where are you? O-H!"

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October 11, 2017
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