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Fork in Path (new version)

By struckdumb
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A bit of a step back in the story - the image needed improving.
Hopefully this one does the job.

It wasn't long before the trio came to a fork in the path. Fürgůïn made a show of checking which side of the trees the moss was growing on, searching for 'tell-tale spores' and consulting the undersides of various toadstools. Next he pulled some crumpled papers from intricate folds within his garments. The renling shaded his eyes, pointed at the angle of the light piercing the leaf canopy and looked back at the papers. Grimmbros looked unconvinced when the decision was taken to go left but acquiesced with an unconcerned shrug. A little further through the carpet of blooms and tangles of twigs and lichens and there was another path. The renling frowned but this time the map reading and sign searching was dispensed with a bit more rapidly and less thoroughly and the group turned right. Subsequent choices were increasingly brief and casual with only a token glance at pocket or bark until it was obvious that Fürgůïn had no tangible orientation skills and nobody really had the faintest clue of the way to go.

Is the fox noticeable? Just?

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Nice one.  Lots of foliage detail.
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Thanks - was aiming for a lush woodland.
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beautiful landscape and very nice posing on the characters. Good storytelling. And yes.. the fox is noticeable.
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I appreciate your kind comments.
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A great image!  I love art that tells a story.  Love the expression on the large guy!
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The large guy is tolerantly skeptical.
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