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A Querulous Quest Chapter 1
Between the two rivers, in the towering, bulgesome city of Tullgotha, there lived a small, neatly-bearded knohm named Razzles.
Razzles lived in a small stone cottage a mere hop, skip and a jingle away from the lower Tullgotha city centre. The residents there fondly referred to their dense knot of rambunctious architecture and ramshackle hovels as the ‘city centre’ yet this was something of a misnomer since Tullgotha was in reality a sprawling series of enormous circular steps precariously stacked in the manner of a gargantuan wedding cake. The outer, lower ring, therefore, had no centre. Yet it felt like ‘the centre’; the higher, more important tiers, somehow lacked the earthy realism of the ground level. Down here where most of the buildings had wildly overhanging, wood-beamed upper floors and drunkenly warped slate roofs you sensed that this was the true city, the genuine heart of the place. Down here you could really get lost in a
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Struck Dumb

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Fork in Path (new version)

A bit of a step back in the story - the image needed improving.
Hopefully this one does the job.

It wasn't long before the trio came to a fork in the path. Fürgůïn made a show of checking which side of the trees the moss was growing on, searching for 'tell-tale spores' and consulting the undersides of various toadstools. Next he pulled some crumpled papers from intricate folds within his garments. The renling shaded his eyes, pointed at the angle of the light piercing the leaf canopy and looked back at the papers. Grimmbros looked unconvinced when the decision was taken to go left but acquiesced with an unconcerned shrug. A little further through the carpet of blooms and tangles of twigs and lichens and there was another path. The renling frowned but this time the map reading and sign searching was dispensed with a bit more rapidly and less thoroughly and the group turned right. Subsequent choices were increasingly brief and casual with only a token glance at pocket or bark until it was obvious that Fürgůïn had no tangible orientation skills and nobody really had the faintest clue of the way to go.

Is the fox noticeable? Just?

Mouth On Fire
Razzles never knew just how the selfless urgh-bane spent his final moments; he wouldn't have known even if it had happened right before him since he had decided that closing his eyes and pulling his hat over his face was the safest course of action. Through the fabric of his hat he noticed something strange though, a smell… Something smelt different… Smoke? Was that smoke that he could smell? Peeping his real eye out from the safety of his hat he saw that the monstrous head had ceased descending and a wispy trail of grey issued from the cavern of its mouth. Smoke! It was indeed smoke, growing denser with each moment. Then to his horror there was burgeoning fire deep in the throat and billowing up toward… Toward him! The sound of untold numbers of screaming birds and thrashing wings could be heard as Razzles gazed on open-mouthed. Dense black smoke began to fill the air rising to form a lingering cloud about the head of the giant.
"Grimmbros? Where are you? O-H!"

Get the whole story here:
Furguin Faces Murder
Sadly, this was not a dodo designed for unpowered flight. Its trajectory took it about two feet above ground and quickly back down to crash into the titanic toes of the murder monster. At first a similar wound to those inflicted by the urgh-bane broke the surface of the immense foot. A burst of corvids flew upwards scratching and whipping past Fürgůïn's face, but before the renling could escape, the avian shrapnel swung back down upon him as if razor-tipped rags of pure night. Flapping blackness sputtered out the light, the clamour was deafening with crows pecking and clawing at the intruders and beating them with their wings. It was like a nightmare of swarming, squealing black umbrellas frenziedly opening and closing in a small cupboard. Doggedly the renling fought to stay on his feet, waving his arms madly about his head to fend off the vicious stabbing beaks and hooked talons; the wretched dodo fell limp beneath him and flopped somewhere out of reach. To Fürgůïn's utter horror the monster thing was reforming, solidifying right around him, fluttering, whirring blackness stopping up every last flicker and chink of light. The last thought that the drowning renling had was why it had to be a murder of crows, why couldn’t it just have been an unkindness of ravens - that sounded far less harsh!

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Book one of our series Tales of Strangeness and Charm has been rewritten recently.

So starting this week we are serialising A Querulous Quest here:…
New pages will be added every few days.


Each page will be posted here too as they go up on the blog.
So you can read a little bit or a lot as you see fit.
Or not.


Comments are always valued.

Page 1v

Book one of our series Tales of Strangeness and Charm has been rewritten recently.

So starting this week we are serialising A Querulous Quest here:…
New pages will be added every few days.


Each page will be posted here too as they go up on the blog.
So you can read a little bit or a lot as you see fit.
Or not.


Comments are always valued.





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