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It's been a very long time (in my opinion) since I wrote a journal on deviantART.
You may have been hearing from lots of artists that they don't use dA that much anymore, and that's only partially true for me. I use it a lot to browse for art. I just don't use it to put my own art up nearly as often. Part of it is because I format my art for tumblr and twitter now, so I have to reformat it for this site, which is hard to get motivated to do. The other part is that I don't get a lot of feedback here on dA, so there's less incentive for me to post.

Of course, whenever artists say, "But wait! you can follow me on [insert site here]" I usually say to myself, Pssh, I'm ok with waiting. So if you're like me and not interested in seeing me in other places, know that I will still put art here from time to time. Most of it will likely be fan art, since I know that's popular and I like seeing fanart on dA myself.

I won't be posting any more comic pages onto dA, however, because the people who commented on them were people already reading the comic. The comic is still on its own site and Tapastic. It's currently on hiatus while I take a bit of a break and work on personal stuff, and once I'm done with the upcoming chapter I'll take another break to make a second book.

And now some fun facts!
- I went to Cape Cod for the first time this summer. Too bad the weather wasn't conducive to summer activities. But one day we got to go to the ocean and we saw a big pod of seals! I love seals.
- When I went skiing this year in March, I modified my ski helmet to look like Gatchmon's helmet. I wasn't expecting people to know who Gatchmon was, but one of the lift operators kinda thought it was familiar - but through prompting, we both realized he mistook it for Tentomon's head, somehow. But hey, one lift operator in Breckenridge watched Digimon Adventure as a kid so that's a win.
- I've been watching a lot of TV this year. Right now my TV obsession is Big Brother, a reality show you might've heard of before but never watched because it's kinda dumb (and it is kinda dumb.) I've also recently been watching people play Splatoon 2 Turf Wars on Youtube. I like the videos without commentary. Watching the videos makes me want to play the game, but that's a fairly large money investment that I don't think will be worth it in the end XD My interest will pass.
- Last year I read 100 books exactly. Will I read more books this year?? 0o0
- I made myself some fried eggs the other day. Yep.

That's all,


Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
SrCl2 2018
They/them pronouns

Welcome to my deviantART page! I'm a webcomic artist - creator of Heroes of Thantopolis - and cartoonist who spends a lot of time browsing on this site.

The majority of my art gets posted on Tumblr and on Twitter; when I have the time, I upload fan art and large piece here. Thanks for looking at my gallery!

Tumblr (linked below) | Webcomic


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