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zombie poster

continuing my series of designs for the colonial theatre's "first friday fright nights" film series, i present to you my poster fulci's "zombie", showing march 5, 2010!

screened during the blizzard that pounded the east coast of the US last friday night, the showing of "aliens" was surreal and amazing. i debuted my first poster that night.

i'm already chomping at the bit to show off next month's design (already finished!) for cronenberg's "the fly"...stay tuned!
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Dig the coloring
Untapped-Creations's avatar
Huge fan of your posters. Great work :D
This is so well done, from the colors to the content!
webmartin99's avatar
I like your work
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i love your poster art is so amazing!
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One of Fulcis best.
How long have you spent on this one?
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I LOVE THIS. You are venturing into god territory.
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What font did you use? This is realy stunning!
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I keep being impressed with your work.... really amazing stuff.... the color usage, the shapes, and textures.... please make these available for purchase.....
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I love this movie!!!! Great poster.
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Thanks for keeping Art as a part of human independent mind. Salutes
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Woh ! I can't choose the one I favorite in your gallery. All your stuff is THAT cool !!...... mmmh, let's go for the zombie (how original !)
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this is insane!!!
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awesome poster, awesome film
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Great typo and colors. Fav! :)
You should do Lucio Fulci's "Cat in the Brain"
But nice job though.... :3
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ah, good shit
fulci's films are such fun
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That's awesome. (Huge zombie nerd + one of my all time fav. zombie movies.)
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Oh god yes. I love this stylized poster a lot. The iconic shark segment is a great choice for motif. Fulci's 'Zombie' is one of my favorite zombie films, and thus one of my favorite horror films of all times.
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Zombie VS Shark, FIGHT!

classic flick
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