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wrestlemania VI commission

did this as a trade for my buddy, pat all he's gotta do to get the print is come up with a kick-ass clone wars piece for me...YEAH BROTHER!
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I remember watching this match. It was epic! 2nd only to the 1984 Hulk vs. Andre.
great memories!
Amazing! I wonder if you could make something for the later Wrestlemanias on this pattern…
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This looks great
badnewsbrando's avatar
this is really kickass. you wouldn't happen to have prints for sale would you?
squidnoodle's avatar
i remember this event built into my childhood. great poster as always
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i didnt know it at the time, since i was 13, but in that match, the Ultimate Warrior looks like he is very coked up...maybe it was speed or something, but he looked like that alot of the time
Sonicbeanz's avatar
MEGA! this was one of my fav wrestlemanias! i was a hulk fan though so at the time was disappointed! brilliant poster
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Speak to me, fellow Warriors and Hulkamaniacs! What are YOU gonna do when two of the mightiest warriors in the history of sports collide in the ring on the grandest stage of 'em all-WRESTLEMANIA??!!!

Nice tribute by the way. Maybe you also ought to do one for when these two had their rematch at WCW Halloween Havoc 1998.
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Ah good times. Memories. ^_^
Quality work man. love your style.
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This is so badass.
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remember like it was yesterday
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this poster is running wild! awesome
strongstuff's avatar
thanks dude! i appreciate it!
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This was like the Batman vs Superman of wrestling. Awesome poster design. :D
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DAMN! This awesome man. I was 8 years the night this went down - it was pretty much the most important night of my life (up to that point) seeing as to which there was a huge moral dilemma for me - i didn't know there could be a 'good vs. good' match.

FYI - the Warrior won.
GTRacer's avatar
Blast from the past! Great to see that old WWF logo.
vinhluanluu's avatar
This is freaking awesome, brathah!
jofsuarez's avatar
Sweet! This brought back memories, I was a Hulkamaniac but I also liked the Warrior and I didn't know who to cheer for.
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Oh yeah! Haha man i used to love the ultimate warrior when i was a kid. Great, great piece:D
paintmarvels's avatar
you rock my friend!!
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This is brilliant. :D I just love the old-school flier feel and the earthy tones!

Egads... 1990... was it really that long ago? I feel so old.
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Talk about old skool :D I was 6 years old around this time.... where does the time go? Nice work!
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