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wolfman poster

another from the universal series.

i'm really curious to see what they're going to do with the remake of this movie.
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Love your Movie Posters. Thumbs up ;)
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love these, they are awesome!!
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The colors are so striking. I love it!
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very cool I love the technique... I'm still trying to learn how to use only 2 or 3 colors efectively
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Ramake!? YAY! This has been my favorite movie since I was 2!!!

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the remake is going to kick ass I'm sure, they got a dynamite cast. You can't go wrong with Benicio, Hugo, and and Hopkins.
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I've noticed all the posters look to the left - that just a trademark of yours -or everything just seems to work better that way? Well done btw :clap:
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One of my favorite universal monsters. Impressive. Just one question though: is there a Bela poster on the way?
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just wait and see...

(yeah, i did a dracula poster as well, i just haven't posted it yet.)
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can't wait to see it
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Very Cool ...Great Job
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