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voltron commission

the guy that i created the green lantern corps, silverhawks, iron man corps and optimus prime commissions for (among others) asked me to cook up my biggest most detailed piece ever for him. the subject matter?: voltron. measuring a whopping 28" x 56", and taking the better part of 6 weeks to complete, i think this fit the bill.

it was a happy day when the final mounted and laminated print arrived safely at his house. cheers, UPS!
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This... Is... AMAZING!!! 

Hey Strongstuff (assuming that isn't your real name but right now that's all I know haha),

Awesome Voltron fan art! With your permission, we'd like to feature it on Voltron's upcoming official social media channels. If you'd like to share it with us, email me at and we can discuss next steps.



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Can you help me? I'm trying to find a Voltron group here on dA, but there doesn't seem to be one. Am I not looking in the right area (wouldn't surprise me, I suck at searching websites)?
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Ohhhh man this is such a cool take on Voltron, I'm all over this.
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Perfect vector man.. bravo... :clap:
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This would be so awesome as a wallpaper.
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Wow. This is AMAZING! Be Proud!!
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Great illustration
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Crazy Wonderful! Easy to be over the top visually when you've got robot lions for feet!
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6 weeks?! - That's well worth the wait for this - and it looks like you had a LOT of fun laying this out! :clap:
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stunning. the only word i can use for that.
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amazing work as always. do you every make silkscreens or woodcuts or your work? your pieces always remind me of old WWII propaganda posters.
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Hot damn that's awesome.
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takes me back seeing this, I used to play with this toys when i was a little boy :D thanks for this :aww:
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WAAAAAA!! this is really awesome!
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Fantastic! Well done.
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