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the shining commission 2

this is another shining commission that i recently completed. whereas the first one i did featured the infamous axe scene, this one recalls that weird ass sequence where danny and his big wheel come upon two of the creepiest kids (outside of johnathan lipnicki) ever committed to celluloid.
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please you can add tag the_shining_movie. because i can't find it.
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Your art has been featured here…

It is my blog about movies and it's written  in my native language Dutch. It's kind of a homage to The Shining. I hope you like it :)
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I wish where Danny Torrance saw those two creepy ghost girls at the end of hallway either here what I wish that happen the boy either riding his riding bike in the hallway like he in the actual movie but instead of running into the two creepy girls he runs into these Hooded Figures Dress In Black Clooks and Hoods like the ghost of Christmas Future and Have Gaint big wide frail hands or gaint big wide hands with gloves over them black gloves and glowing red or blue or green or yellow or Purple eyes and there called the Grims the Grims are these Creatures these entities from another dimension and the entrance to there realm is in the room 237 and as the ghost tourment the parents the Grims take a interest in Danny they want to get there hands on the boy and take him to there dimension where they tend to keep him forever.

 I wish happen in the movie when Danny is ridding his bike through the hall he runs into two of the grims who are standing in the hallway where the two creepy girls were or after he runs into the creepy girls he turns his trike around and runs into the Grims and the Grims reach out for Danny saying in a deep hollow or fern or creepy voice COME BOY ITS TIME TO GO or COME BOY YOU BELONG WITH US NOW and Danny turns his bike around and rids away he tell his mom and dad what he say the Dad searches the whole hotel or just the era where Danny saw the grims there gone the father assumes Danny was just messing around and they call the psychiatrist to talk to him and Danny tells her what he saw and she tell the parents that Danny being in a Hotel this big with no other kids is causing the boy to see things that are not there or so she think and the parents pay it no mind and here what happens near the end like when the father is possed buy the sprits and goes crazy he kills the mother and then shoots himself and Danny is laying in his room on his bed in his cloths because he is bored and he hears someone come in assuming its his mother but he hears this deep voice saying to him Come Boy It Time To Go and Danny open his eyes to see four Grims again and he says in a stunned tone I knew You Guys Were Real but one of the Grims reach down and grabs Danny and scoops the boy in his arms and carries him away to 237 where they teleport him to there dimension or when the father kills the mother in the lobby then shot himself Danny who is laying in his room hears the racket then he comes down the lobby and see his parents dead and I stunned horrified like any child would be and has just stands the Grims show up from behind him and one grabs him and says In a deep voice Come Boy ITs Time To Go and they carry boy away to room 237 or Danny just wondering around the hotel and after both his parents are killed and he runs into the Grims and they grab him and take him away or his mother tends to take him away from the hotel because his father is not well but when she goes to let the father know she taking there son away for a while he kills her then kills himself Danny is waiting for his mother to come but the Grims show up and grab Danny and says in there Deep Voice Come With US Boy Your Ours Now they take the boy to 237 but when walking down the hall they unzip Danny Jacket and take off his scarf his hat and his sneakers throw those behind them on the floor or Danny out sledding when his parents get killed and get he comes in the hotel they are already dead and the Grims grab Danny and kidnap him either way Danny parents are dead and the Grims Kidnap Danny and carry him down the hallway to 237 when walking down the hallway Danny Yells Help Mom Dad Put Me Down You Weirdoes  Let Me Go and after the Grims Bring Danny into room 237 they carry the boy into the closet close the door then you see light shinning under the closet door and you hear Danny voice saying Whoa then after the light go disappear the door slowly open and the closet is empty Grims are long gone with Danny.
Great piece! I used this image on my blog at Hope you don't mind. If you do just let me know and I'll take it down. Thanks and keep up the awesome work.
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I love Danny, he's such a loveable child. Who agrees?:)
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It's a great picture
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is it weird my grandma bought me this movie when i was 11?
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aack! i love this movie!! awesome job! :D
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Really poster. This looks so real!
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come play with us Danny

awsom i love this :+fav:
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And ever…
And ever.
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omg all of these are amazing, strongstuff i tell ya!
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"Perhaps they need a good talking to, if you don't mind my saying so. Perhaps a bit more. My girls, sir, they didn't care for the Overlook at first. One of them actually stole a pack of matches, and tried to burn it down. But I "corrected" them sir. And when my wife tried to prevent me from doing my duty, I corrected her."
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very nicely done
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Nice, that movie is pure classic. :meow:
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Awsome setup, great composition and style . There could not be a better poster for The Shining
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I just love this kind of posters, specially your Shining ones. This is awesome.
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Nothing more to say!
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