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June 26, 2008
spider-man and villains poster by ~strongstuff. I found it really hard to pick just one thing to feature from Tom Whelan's gallery! A fantastic artist, make sure you check out the rest of his slick skills.
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spider-man and villains poster

spidey has the best rogues gallery in all of comics. argue it if you like, but you know it's true.

(batman has the second best.)
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ArcanePhotographer's avatar
Well I can imagin that they'll kick Batman's villians ass
MisterNefarious's avatar
I'd say Batman and Spider man are equals.
They combined have the best rogues gallery in existence.
Love your piece
Bulman66's avatar
Nice homage to his history.
organizationxiiigwen's avatar
the best villains in both batman and spider man are venom and the joker
Bruno-Sathler's avatar
Man, i love your style :D
TheNoirGuy's avatar
Great poster! Everything is so simple yet so detailed!
TheFakemonMaster's avatar
Brilliant work! I also agree, Spiderman has undoubtedbly got the best gallery of villains. Batman and The Teen Titans (tv series) come very close.
PrivateMasque's avatar
Many people say that Batman has the best villains because they colorful and fun im like ARE YOU SERIOUS!? lol look at Spidey's all the villains are beautifully made, colorful, and legendary.
horrorkid90's avatar
Agreed, Spidey does. Batman is a close second.
OtakuRavage's avatar
i like the style
TheZoologist's avatar
This picture just makes me appreciate Spidey's rogues gallery even more! Just a wonderfully colorful and diverse variety of supervillainous baddies!
nothing about the lizard
KingWayloW's avatar
i realy realy like this,
but why didt you leave out carnage that is what i think one of the best villains of spiderman
dblackhand's avatar
Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! +100
powerbomb1411's avatar
I absolutely love this one.
Dark-S1ayer's avatar
Nicely done. Reminds me alot of the style that was used for the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon. ^^
You should do the Batman idea too!
Arrested-Silence's avatar
spider-man is friggin bad ass
DeadDog2007's avatar
friggin kickass!!!
iKoda's avatar
Where's Carnage?
strongstuff's avatar
i never really liked him...too much of a venom rip-off.
hotbulletslug's avatar
I agree fully, Spider-man followed by Batman, have the best villains.
casey64's avatar
That is so true. :)
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