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sherlock holmes miniprint

this is the first in a series of small design exercises that i'll be filtering in between larger jobs.

i wanted to take a bit of a break from my normal movie/super hero/pulp themed work, so i decided to envision literary characters (no doubt inspired by the robert downey jr./jude law "sherlock holmes") in my style.

i've been having a blast with them so far. they're quick, fun and keep me inspired while working on other projects.

i plan to make a print set out of them when i have a few more finished.
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The Chillest Bros Of 1900s
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Extremely cool! Dig it.
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like this work, has a 1950th ting going on
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Very neat design, kind of how i always imagine sherlock
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What style! Beautiful!
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A very nice picture!
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Vey original, especially the make-up of his coat.
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LOVE this! As a graphic designer and huge fan of Holmes, this is a great representation. Well done!
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Dude... seriously COOL!!
People already said it, but the cityscape and the smoke are both an awesome touch.
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Looks awesome *______*
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I really love how you work with geometry, you make it look easy :ahoy:
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Simply stunning. Simple and ambitous.
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Lovin' that stylised pipe + smoke, yo.
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This is amazing.
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I really like this one man. in a way much more simple than your poster pieces, but it's just as, if not more strikeing because of that. also, love the lines of smoke coming from sherlocks pipe.
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Very cool, I like it a lot!
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been watching a lot of Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes. SUCH A GOOD interpretation. Love Sherlock, cool poster!
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