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shaun of the dead minibust

shaun of the dead: one of the best zombie comedies ever.
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Where can i buy some of your prints? Especailly the Transformers ones?
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THE best zombie comedy! XD
XmaddsterX's avatar
This was the second film I ever bought.
JaqDeblue's avatar
The texture, the shading and the context...
It's just marvelous!
JaffoGLIDE's avatar
Tom, I've just discovered your work via a twit about the Global Knowledge posters you did. I'm beside myself with your pallet of styles, references/influences, and uniquely appealing work. Really, this is terrific stuff. Thanks for sharing your creations with us.
strongstuff's avatar
thanks so much! keep watching!
Wicked piece! Excellent work :)
mofx's avatar
Any chance of purchasing this?
Capcomgal27494's avatar
Surely THE best Zombie comedy ever?! :D
RagdollCorpse's avatar
This is great! I love Shaun of the Dead! And I really like your style. Nicely done! :D
operative274's avatar
I've got to admit - you've got that 'blodd spatter' technique down pat :clap:
TheRoodWarrior's avatar
Great job from one of the funniest movies ever...
blackravendesign's avatar
Nice, good film! Excellent work.
Gerox's avatar
nice one, I love Shaun of the dead and also love your pictures ><
JFS-Design's avatar
Nice! That movie's great!
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Great bust for a great movie.
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Dude you need to do one from hot fuzz! with a coronetto in hand.
frogman354's avatar
and a cold pint in the other hand. Amazing sir.
nose26's avatar
he's got red on him.
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