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robot earth 3009 poster

By strongstuff
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51K Views's editor contacted me once again (see my first project for the site, the samurai werewolf, here) and asked me to write a tutorial that featured some form of illustrated typography. not being able to steer away from my sci-fi/robot/nostalgia/movie poster infatuation, this is what i came up with.

if you're a member of the site, you can check out the full tutorial, which just went live today. if you're not a member, you can still check out a few teaser images here. and while you're visiting, feel free to poke around vectortut's free content and check out some amazing illustrated goodness from around the world!
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Love the retro classic 40's/50's style robot movie poster. It has an Iron Giant feel to it.
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featured this in my latest journal
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jaw dropping work
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Hey, what's up dude, nice work. ;D I've never done poster work and was wondering if you figured I could do it all straight in Photoshop since I don't have Illustrator? I draw in Phottoshop straight some times and figured it should be fine, am I wrong in this assumption? I'm not sure if I can get that poster vector look in PS. Any tips for me?

Here is my latest piece, the dog, santa hand and quitar were drawn on paper then scanned in on a crappy fax machine at work! LOL! XD

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it is late, i am tired, so i cant rev my brain up for detailed review. so i'll just say this.
this is made of so much EPIC WIN!!
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ooooooh waooooooooo!!!! excelent!!!! I love this picture!! excelent!!!!
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Hi! Nice monster! Maybe you're onterested in this? Check link! :) link
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Great way to use text!
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Great poster art :)

carried in Cruzine: [link]
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Pretty amazing! I also like the city in the background.
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Dude, I just saw that Communication arts is having a typography contest. I didn't read the details but this piece is a sure win if it qualifies. Food for thought.

It’s all good, but I think its the colours that do it for me.
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Your work will be featured on our site tomorrow :) "15 Badass 3D Typography Examples" on
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Hey there! You have been featured in this news article which features robots:
:heart: :love: :heart:
:heart: [link] :heart:
:heart: :love: :heart:
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Freaking great! Fav
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