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return of the jedi poster

the trilogy is finally complete!
(well, my version of it anyway.)

people have been asking for a while if i had plans to do a return of the jedi poster to go along with the new hope and empire strikes back i had done a few years back...and i finally squirreled away enough time to finally get it done. hope the people that were asking for it aren't disappointed...may the force be with you!
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How do I buy one ? I have the other 2 and have been huuuunting for the third !  Please tell me how can I buy a print, or buy a digital copy and get it printed. Please. 
I found the first two (posters) somewhere a few years ago. I wish I had found this one.
would totally buy all three star wars posters from you, please make prints!
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We Have it All on UHF
do you sell prints of this series?
I want these 3 as prints for my house SO BAD!
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The circle is now complete
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awesome works
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AMAZING work on the Original Trilogy posters
are these available in print?!
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This poster is just...astounding. I love the colors, the detail, and it's all vector. Just amazing.
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magic and eternal! :yoda:
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OMG this is simply an amazing piece of art! Do you happen to have prints of these for sale anywhere??
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Any chance that you'll do posters like these for the prequel movies? :)
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i've tried to gauge interest in prequel posters and its aboyt 5-1 against doing tham. i would love to draw darth maul, tho!
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Hm. Well, I guess the originals will have to do for now.

I just thought that it'd be cool to see the complete series done like this - even with the problems that Episodes I-III have.
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these are epic. i love star wars :D
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:lol: Better late than never sir :clap: well done!
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