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raiders of the lost ark poster

i haven't seen this movie in ages. i remember my aunt took me to the theater to see it when i was a little kid. the face-melting ark of the covenant really knocked me for a loop.

anyway, i recently finished this commission. didn't know exactly where it was going when i began, but i like where it wound up. any time i can incorporate typography into my designs, i'm a happy camper.
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Just fabulous work; nice seeing this propagate throughout the interwebs!
Pimsleurable's avatar
I favourite this whilst listening to the soundtrack.
Wow, this is awesome!! are you gonna make temple of doom + last crusade?
Franscutchy's avatar
That is AWESOME! I love it!
quarterburn's avatar
You need to put this up for public you haqve this available anywhere for purchase?
Holy guacamole, this is awesome! Great job!
Liquidtiki's avatar
Where can I buy a copy of this? I love it.... keep up the great work.
juju-man's avatar
I love Toht's hand.
Charley77's avatar
This poster is the first piece of your art I saw. Love at first sight! Perfect color palette (AGAIN!)
starwarsgeekdotnet's avatar
Wow, this is awesome! Reminds me of the awesome Eric Tan Indy prints (If you haven't seen them, check them out, amazing stuff). I've always been a fan of the "propaganda" style (or at least that's what I call it, lol) and your work fits right in there perfectly... great stuff!
roren001's avatar
Simply Wonderful!!
bananiandagramophone's avatar
love love love the retro look :D
fwd-rewind's avatar
amazing, I totaly want a print of this!
LordIlpilazzo's avatar
Excellent concept and layout. And a great film choice.
PeteAmachree's avatar
Wonderful design
I love this - any chance at getting a hires version, or even a print?!
IlNedo's avatar
great piece of retro art!
DocCarlson's avatar
This is too cool for its own good.
patmcmullen's avatar
love marion's arm blending into indy's neck shading. this is so good it forces me to hate you.
Liquidtiki's avatar
Amazing work.... why don't we see more of this kind of style out there.... I love your talent, keep up the good work.
DorkQuixote's avatar
Wow! I love this picture! Definitely one of my favorites! Well done with the style and lets just face it... INDIANA JONES IS THE MAN!!!
TheheirofGondor's avatar
This is what movie posters should be like.
Arashdeep's avatar
This is awesome!
LModesto's avatar
Very classy style and a great movie! You got my fave.
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