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predator 2 commission

i remember checking out predator 2 in the theater with my cousins over thanksgiving 1990...the original is my favorite movie of all time and while this one doesn't have all of the elements that make the first a classic (sci-fi/military genre mash-up, cool team dynamic, and of course, arnold), i left the theater thinking it was pretty damn cool....after all, they managed to add to the mythos by showing a ton of new weapons, the insides of a ship, a complete predator hunting clan, and best of all, that alien skull in the trophy room! and let's not forget they managed to get morton downey, jr., bill paxton AND gary busey in one movie. equally impressive!

ay any rate, my cousins didn't enjoy it as much as i did (and still do)...they thought it was lame because they thought the predator looked too much like the one from the first movie.

to each his own.
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Awesome job with the City Hunter, love the clear and clean quality. :clap:
The lightning scene was one of the most characteristic scenes from that movies, well portrayed! :nod:
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Simply amazing!
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Love the piece and I agree with you about Predator II
i like the samurai jack style
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Dude! This is the most awesome thing ever! In the history of ever!

Love it.
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you mean, like ever ever?

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Wow, I got three of these O_O

Yes, like ever ever to infinity. V. Cool.
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yeah, i kept getting a message that it wasn't posting...guess it was.

you doing anything for the abe lincoln show at brave new worlds?
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Yea, I'm doing an Abe "pin-up" complete with corset and fishnet stockings. Assasinated presidents in drag is the way to go, I think.
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Hard to rate this one because the scale of Aewsomness only goes so far UP! ;-D Wicked!!! :-D
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its gonna look awesome on my wall!
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Great Predator! :D

That is a great character... But there are no more good Predator movies...

But your art has the spirit of the two GOOD ones!

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I can do that weird Predator noise. The one that sounds like a woodpecker.
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Love the way this commission turned out, I know Lee is very pleased. I remember my so-called "friends" in high school going to see it without me on opening night because I had basketball practice...
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oh, i didn't realize you knew lee.

they weren't you friends. never were.
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Fantastic, Predator 2 was a great film, so was the first one, they wee both as good as each other. This is a great piece of work, really like it, and the style as ever is very original.
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Yeah. Long live Predator. Loving how you've made the character your own, stylevise.

It's been ages since I've last seen Predator 2. I never liked it as much as the first one, but it was still a kick-ass flick back in the day. Especially the ending with the other predators and the alien skull.
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you work is amazig, great and cool
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I love the part when Glover is on the roof with the Predator, but, he's cloaked, and he can kinda see him.
"C'mon....c'mon you sonofabitch..." I just love how he's holding that gun.

Nice job on this.
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Absolutely Bad Ass!
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this is pretty much just fucking AWESOME :D
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